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Today's Horoscope for

Don't take any information you receive today at face value, Aries. Technical glitches will likely plague you throughout the day. Your bank statement could be incomprehensible. Bills could show up with an extra zero tacked on. Don't panic. Make some phone calls and get all the facts. Whatever you do, don't let this ruin your day. Everything will get sorted out. Relax, put your feet up, and treat yourself to a cappuccino.

Today's Horoscope for

Don't take anything you read or hear today at face value, Taurus. It's possible that you'll receive some rather distressing news, but before you react in frustration, read the fine print. The news may not really be so bad. In fact, it may not even be true! Take a deep breath and heave a sigh of relief, then get back to your normal routine.

Today's Horoscope for

It's likely that you'll receive some unpleasant news today, Gemini. Perhaps there are changes occurring at work that you read about in the morning newspaper. Or it could be that you get a phone call and receive some upsetting news about an old friend. You'll need to take the information in stride and not let it ruin your day. With the intensity of the planetary energies at play, you're at risk of overreacting.

Today's Horoscope for

This could be a day of technical glitches and malfunctions, Cancer. It's frustrating, to be sure, but a little bit funny, too. Everything you touch, from computer to washing machine, seems to groan and shudder before finally breaking. Apparently, today you have the opposite of the Midas touch. Don't take it personally. Instead, use it as an excuse to do something out of the ordinary with your time.

Today's Horoscope for

Today is filled with socializing, with a strong emphasis on the exchange of information. If you're attending a party this evening, Leo, be receptive to anyone you meet. It's likely that someone new will arrive who will have a significant impact on your life. It might be that he or she tips you off about a professional opportunity at work. It's even possible that this person will turn into a romantic interest. You never know!

Today's Horoscope for

You might want to make an extra effort to tidy up the house this morning, Virgo. It's likely that you'll have some unexpected guests. Some neighbors could drop by unannounced, or an old friend could call from her car and say she's on her way over. Take it all in stride. Even though you had a lot planned for the day, it will be much more enjoyable if you spend it socializing with friends.

Today's Horoscope for

You'll have to let go of your usual drill-sergeant manner and simply let the day unfold as it will. Try as you might, even you won't be able to direct events today, Libra. You could find your attention diverted from one project to another. It isn't an unpleasant day but a disjointed one. Stay open to all possibilities. You could be surprised by the way things turn out.

Today's Horoscope for

You work hard to reach your goal of financial independence, Scorpio. All signs indicate that you're well on your way. Today you could receive some news that makes you realize you aren't there yet. Perhaps a relative calls to say you're no longer his/her sole beneficiary. Maybe your investment statement shows a poor return. This isn't what you expected, but you're still on the right track. It just might take a bit longer to reach your destination.

Today's Horoscope for

You're bound to be busy but happy today, Sagittarius. You'll likely spend the morning doing chores and generally puttering around the house. Don't be surprised if a friend drops by unexpectedly in the afternoon with some important news to share. Your evening could be occupied doing research at the library or on the computer. It seems your friend's news piqued your curiosity about a particular subject.

Today's Horoscope for

This could be a rather intense day for you, Capricorn. Your mind is filled with plots for novels you want to write and ideas for ways to streamline production at work. Don't you have an "pause" switch? You'd benefit from taking some much-needed time off. You'll find that you can quiet your mind simply by sipping some tea and being still for ten minutes. Call it meditation or a break, but allow yourself this small indulgence.

Today's Horoscope for

This is one day for you to be as flexible as possible, Aquarius. It may be that you begin with a specific list of items that absolutely must be done, but get distracted by some news from a friend or co-worker. What had seemed so important is no longer so, and your day shifts to accommodate this new piece of information. You'll be rather surprised by but no less satisfied with how the day turns out.

Today's Horoscope for

You can overcome the intensity of today's planetary energies by making a conscious effort stay positive, Pisces. Distract yourself with necessary household chores and errands. Don't forget to take some time out for fun, too. As you work around the house, stop to indulge yourself every few hours. A cup of hot chocolate or a chat on the phone will add a welcome grace note to the day.