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Today's Horoscope for

Messages from a distant state or foreign country, possibly through fax, email, or website, might not be totally accurate, Aries. If any information presented in this fashion sets off an alarm bell in your head, be sure to do some research on your own and check out the facts. Don't accept any news at face value today. The lines of human and technical communication are definitely out of whack today.

Today's Horoscope for

Staying in touch with a love partner could be difficult today, Taurus, almost to the point of causing a minor panic. Don't jump to any unwarranted conclusions about possible problems in the relationship. What's causing the silence is probably beyond your friend's control, and could well be related to sudden and unexpected crises, or possibly something as mundane as a computer breakdown. Be patient and hang in there.

Today's Horoscope for

Are you having problems with the lighting or heating in your home, Gemini? If so, you might not be able to get a professional out today. There could be problems in the entire neighborhood. You might have to get out the candles and flashlights to get you through the evening. Don't let this throw you. It's a minor inconvenience that will be fixed soon. Think of it as an adventure!

Today's Horoscope for

A friend or neighbor you need to contact could be in and out all day, Cancer, and so you could have trouble reaching him or her. Phone or email probably won't work, since your friend could be too busy to check messages. The best way to make contact might be to hop in the car and drive to wherever they might be. Take the side streets, however. The main roads are probably clogged with traffic!

Today's Horoscope for

This probably isn't a good day to do work that concerns money, Leo. Your mind may not be in the right space. You could make errors that cause problems. If possible, also avoid working on any kind of creative project, since your mind might not be very clear and you probably won't be happy with the results. However, this is a great day for routine work that doesn't require much concentration.

Today's Horoscope for

A lost object could have all the members of your household going through every room trying to find it, Virgo - probably without success. Visitors could pitch in as well and help with the search. The item is probably in a fairly large room that everybody uses, probably among other objects. If no one locates it, however, let it go for now. It could reappear later as if by magic.

Today's Horoscope for

This could be a very busy day in your community, Libra. Some kind of rally, protest, or other public gathering might take place. If you attend, you may not hear much because of all the noise, and the event could seem disorganized at best. It could also render traffic impossible! If you can, stay home today. Going out could be more trouble than it's worth. Protest with your vote or your wallet instead.

Today's Horoscope for

A future course of action that you may or may not take could depend on information you might receive today, Scorpio. However, don't be surprised if the information is vague and needs to be clarified. On top of it all, you might not be able to reach the person who can clear it up for you! Hang in there. You'll want to make up your mind as soon as possible.

Today's Horoscope for

Are you unhappy or uncertain about your current profession, Sagittarius? Are you thinking of making a change? News could reach you today of possible avenues to explore, but you shouldn't make any decision today. Your mind isn't as objective as it should be to think through everything. Think about it, by all means, but wait a day or two before giving serious consideration to anything vital.

Today's Horoscope for

Your natural psychic or intuitive abilities could be short-circuited today, Capricorn. Interference from the minds of other people could cloud issues, and this won't do you any good. Your imaginative faculties could be rather garbled as well. The best possible advice would be to take the day for your own needs. You can go back to your usual routine tomorrow.

Today's Horoscope for

The atmosphere around you could seem somewhat unreal today. If you get a weird vibe from someone, Aquarius, take everything this person says with a grain of salt. He or she has an agenda and isn't above distorting the truth to achieve it. If what they say doesn't affect you, don't worry about it. If it does, take pains to learn the facts before acting on it. You'll be glad you did.

Today's Horoscope for

Communication could take some extra effort today, Pisces. A business or romantic partner could seem like they're keeping things from you. You might get some uneasy vibes and wonder if there's trouble with your partnership. Don't be afraid to ask. Your friend probably won't tell you what the problem is, but will reassure you that it has nothing to do with you. If so, it isn't your business. Let it go.