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The phrase “You Are What You Eat” is very true. Nutrients from food create the foundation for the formation and structure of cells in our body. Good nutrition is essentially important for everyone. A well-balanced is the key to good health. Any article you topple upon and the first line you will read with reference to 10 best diet tips is to eat healthy and exercise more. Well that’s absolutely true. In order to watch your weight, it’s very essential to exercise well and at the same time take all the essential nutrients for your body and growth. So here’s to how you can successfully lose your weight without having to compromise on your food.

best diet tips Best Diet Tips

Call it eating healthy and not dieting as you might just end up getting lectured from your mother or some aunties about how harmful diet is for young women that you will lose your skin glow or your hair will start falling etc etc. Avoid all these unnecessary discussions by grabbing a handful of nuts instead of a samosa.


glass of water Best Diet TipsThe first and foremost is to consume large quantity of water which is something any nutritionist or dietitian will propose. Water helps to speed up the metabolism and combat all the excess calories in the body. If plain water is not preferable, then one can also mix water with lemon or infuse it with some sort of a flavor such as mango or peach which can make the drink tastier.

Fruits & Vegetables

fruits Best Diet TipsAlso focus on eating healthy vegetables and fruits. It may sound a lot but it’s actually worth it. If you are feeling hungry, snack in between smartly. Instead of risking with a junk food binge, eat a healthy grub that will satisfy your hunger. Best picks are something filling, protein filled snacks such as cold cuts, a spoon of peanut butter, one stick of string cheese or a piece of fruit.


american breakfast Best Diet TipsEating a good breakfast is one wise step to healthy as it provides the body of all the essential nutrients after the body has been deprived of food all night. On the other hand, dinner should be light and preferably been eaten 3-4hours before sleeping. Latest researches also suggests that eating while driving, texting or watching TV can make you consume more amounts of calories and lead to mindless eating so switch off any forms of distraction while eating.


exercise Best Diet TipsIncorporate few exercises in your daily routine, five push-ups a day, lunges or squats can build the body mass. Weigh yourself regularly as it helps to maintain a check and balance that your diet is in control.

Studies also show that those who maintain a food diary are far better off than those who don’t which ensure that you are eating foods that are high in nutrition and avoiding those that can side track you from your diet.

Sleep Well

sleep well Best Diet TipsSleeping well is also the key to a good and healthy routine. One should at least sleep for 7-8 hours maximum to be fresh and active in the morning. So don’t comprise on your food, sleep and exercise and you are sure to achieve your weight loss goals. 

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