Best Colors to Wear in Winters


Normally at this time everyone turns their attention to warm colors. And while that is smart, one should never forget to make every seasonal wardrobe theirs by adding creative touches that are reflective of one’s own personality. Here are some of the most appropriate winter colors of this season.

1. Black     

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Say what you will, black is the life of all wardrobes. From formals to night suits, this is one color that never goes out of fashion. Black also has the ability to hide those extra pounds most of us worry about and looks beautiful on everyone regardless of skin tone. Plus being the color that absorbs heat, it should definitely be included in clothes, especially in winter colors.

2. Purple     

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This is the color of royalty. Its dark shades keep the body warm and underlying tones of red and blue are where the color gets its beauty from. Red tones present in any color tend to capture heat from the sun since red itself is a hot color.

3. Yellow          

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Yellow also has the ability to bring out the brightness and liveliness in things and people alike. Yellow is the color of the sun and so is naturally hot. While its bright shades are perfect for summer, its dark shades synchronize well with the tone of this season making it a color that goes all the way through the year.

4. Red

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Though there are many subtle shades of red, the one I am specifically referring to here is burgundy and likewise. Since winters colors demand dark colors, all such shades are just perfect for this time. These colors are also a great choice for tops. Red attracts attention too. So if you like making statements, this is a color made for you.

5. White            

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Since it’s the color of snow, white is one of the first colors that come to our mind with the mention of the season. It provides the much needed clarity and brightness to the wardrobe that is mostly full of dark winter colors. This color also signifies peace and purity. And if these qualities are a part of your personality then there’s all the more reason to wear it.

6. Brown                    

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For people who love this color are lucky since all its shades go with the temperature of this season. Light through dark, brown provides the earthiness and rustic feel. And if you have a down to earth personality, you have the perfect color to wear.

7. Olive green  

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This color has mixed tones of dark yellow and green and gets its name after the fruit ‘olive’. There are a number of olive green shades that are appropriate for winters but, to be more specific, dark olive green looks just breathtakingly beautiful. This color also looks great on skin tones that most of us sport.

8. Navy Blue

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The color gets its name from the fact that the marines wear their uniform in the same color. Being relatively darker it attracts heat and gives the feel of being assertive. Since we would originally see the color on the forces, it is thought to demand respect and authority for the individual wearing it.

9. Salmon Pink

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This is a very cool and calm color. It relatively lightens up your wardrobe and provides the much needed variety. This color is called so because of its shared tone with the flesh of the fish ‘salmon’. For all those pink lovers out there that think their wardrobe is incomplete without this color, here is a shade that goes perfectly with the tone of the season.

10. Fawn

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This one is really more of a neutral color than of a specific season and so goes a long way. It gives a lot of shades to choose from and goes with every color under the sun. This is a color made in heaven and needless to say, a must have. With the winter colors having been decided, it’s time to hit the mall ladies!


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