Natural Drinks For Weight Loss


Losing weight can be a long discouraging process particularly to those who lack perseverance and patience. Forlornly, that’s the way to lose weight – persistence, conformity and forfeit. But there are ‘cheats’ that can accelerate the weight loss process; one such way is with natural fat burning drinks. So, try these 10 natural drinks for weight loss, if you want to a quick fix.

1. Cinnamon and Honey Drink

17 reasons to use honey and cinnamon Natural Drinks For Weight Loss

Add a spoonful of honey and half a tablespoon of cinnamon powder in one glass of water. You can also put in a bit of lime to stir up the fat burning process.

2. Honey and Lime Drink

homemade skin remedies honey lemon Natural Drinks For Weight Loss

Mix a tablespoon of honey and squeeze the juice of one lime into one glass of water. Lime and honey are two popular elements, which boost metabolism.

3. Water

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After lime and honey, water is an excellent drink to amp up metabolism and stimulate weight loss. You can add a piece of lemon, tomato or a twig of mint leaves which not only add natural flavour to the water without adding calories but also provide nutrients.

4. Black Coffee

Black Coffee 1024x652 Natural Drinks For Weight Loss

To drop weight by speeding up metabolism, go for for black coffee. It should be prepared without milk and sugar. Black coffee is an effective source of energy and  a stimulant for metabolism. If you find it bitter, you can add brown sugar to it.

5. Fresh Vegetable Juice

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Prepare your much loved mixture of vegetable juice for weight loss; this may incorporate tomatoes and carrots with a hint of ginger. It provides a stimulant for weight loss. Also, supplies the body with essential nutrients and dietary fibre.

6. Green Tea

green tea 1 Natural Drinks For Weight Loss

Green tea jumpstart metabolism for weight loss without adding calories, that’s what makes green tea a trustworthy choice for weight watchers.

7. Dates and Banana Drink

20130213211630 Banana Smoothie Natural Drinks For Weight Loss

Mash and mix together one date and banana; add a cup of almond milk and a bit of cinnamon. All these ingredients have their clandestine to boost metabolism and fight hunger twinges.

8. Ginger and Lime

ginger and lime 300x225 Natural Drinks For Weight Loss

In a glass of water put in ginger and lemon slices. You can try this weight loss drink anytime of the day to boost metabolism.

9. Apple and Orange Drink

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Make a juice with two oranges, five medium apples and few mint leaves. Blend all the ingredients and drink. This drink not only induce metabolism but also helps fight cancer, heart disease and strengthen immune system.

10. Pineapple Smoothie

pineapple smoothie Natural Drinks For Weight Loss

Blend together one and half cup of fresh pineapple, one medium size banana, one tablespoon ginger, half cup low-fat yoghurt and water. And enjoy this yummy metabolism inducing drink.


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