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3 Most Promising ‘Pakistani’ Movies of 2014


Pakistani Movies
After years of being in a pitiable state, the Pakistani cinema industry has finally started to show signs of life, once more. The industry has had a prosperous growth in the past, with beautiful movies such as Arman in 1966, with its popular song “Akeley na jaana”, Aiyana released in 1977, Bhaaro Phool Barsao in 1972 and then Khuda Kay Liye in 2007.
The golden era of the industry can be said to have lasted almost a decade, and was in between 1956 to 1966. However in between 1991 to 1999 the industry was in a shameful state, General Pervaiz Musharraf however in his regime, made efforts and cinema started to give response. And recently the cinema has produced acceptable if not good movies such as Waar, Mein houn Shahid Afridi, Ramchand Pakistani, Josh, Seedlings and Bol have brought hope for the industry.

Promising Movies of 2014
After the sad period that Pakistani cinema has been through every decent film seems to be promising and brings with it hope to the hearts of the people who desperately await a good domestic production. The target audience in Pakistan for the film industry is being lost to the Indian film industry, it is for a fact that India has lately been able to produce better films than us on a general note. Yet, as always a few movies have been able to bag much more enthusiasm and wait on part of the audience.
Three most promising movies of 2014
1. Gidh
2. Tamanna
3. Operation 021

GIDH : “The Culture Vulture.”
Shamoon abbasi gidh 3 Most Promising Pakistani Movies of 2014
Gidh is one of the most awaited Pakistani movies of 2014 and it sounds promising because of the name and the promo that has one all excited for the movie might hold in it.
The cast being Shaan Shahid, Shamoon Abbasi and Sara Loren and Hamza Abbasi.
From what the posters give away the movie is going to be packed with action and will probably be another product of the Pakistani film industry in the ‘Action’ genre. The movie with all the guns and an invincible hero tends to be packed with romance, crime and action and a dash of mystery or suspense too. The movie is not different than what had been produced in the past few years, since it is believed to be a successful combination. Yet the quality seems to be more appreciable.

TamannaTamanna film1 3 Most Promising Pakistani Movies of 2014The movie has been directed by the famous Steven Moore, a British director. Tamanna is inspired from the famous “Sleuth“. Sleuth has already been made into a movie in 1970′s and then re-made only recently. Very much like the story of ‘Sleuth’ Tamanna tells a tale of a young man who falls in love with a young wife of an old, wealthy man. The movie is based upon jealousy, based upon love, upon greed and upon everything from the materialistic world.
666969 tammna 1391435453 156 640x480 3 Most Promising Pakistani Movies of 2014The movie has been made under a British-Pakistani collaboration, hence there is much more advanced technology employed and the movie has much more to offer than what a singular domestic production might. Tamanna is to bind the best of both worlds, with the traditional taste and international expertise combined.
The movie is the most promising, and is already running in the cinemas. The film is the first in Pakistan, belonging to the Film Noir genre. Judging from what the trailer has to show us, we may assume and predict from the superb set designing and engaging cinematography that the movie will be quite a thing to watch for the Pakistani audience.

Operation 021
images1 3 Most Promising Pakistani Movies of 2014
The film has been produced by One Motion Pictures and is based upon a screenplay that has been crafted by a writer who is both internationally awarded and acknowledged. Summer Bodhi Nicks is the man who has composed the screenplay, where as Zeba Bakhtiar is the film’s executive producer and the lead roles are played by Shaan Shahid and Aamina Sheikh. operation 021 3 Most Promising Pakistani Movies of 2014Both lead characters are in no need of introduction and have to their names quite a few achievements. The story revolves around the plot of the terrorism and intrusion of America, the movie includes real life events such as the bombing of NATO tanks back in Afghanistan.
The movie has been infused with all kinds of latest technology and gadgets to ensure the best experience for the audience. Much effort has been put into making the movie into an international level Spy-Action Thriller for the people of Pakistan, who have for long been deprived of their own industry. The whole idea behind this movie is to establish a new genre in Pakistan that can be further experimented with time, a promising movie. With all the marketing and patriotism infused, this is the most awaited movie of 2014.
We may hence conclude that 2014 will be the year of a prosperous ‘Pakistani Cinema’. 

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