3 Great Pakistani Dramas for Summer 2013!

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With so many dramas gracing our screens, it is easy to gravitate towards the more popular ones. But there are a few hidden gems that you may not have been paying close attention to. Blush compiles a list of three dramas you must watch.


talkhiyan6 3 Great Pakistani Dramas for Summer 2013!

This little-known gem aired on Express TV in the winter season. Based on the critically-acclaimed novel by Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things, the drama centers around a divorced young mother Bibi (Sanam Saeed) and her twins, Zoya and Jugnu. She leaves her abusive husband and returns to her ancestral home, Silverwood, to a cruel father and blind mother (played by Khaled Ahmed and Shameem Hilali). Bibi father’s sister (Hira Khwaja Bhayat) is full of bitterness because of a love affair that did not work out. In this atmosphere of poison and hatred, Bibi reaches out to the only neutral person there is, the servant. Will their forbidden love destroy them all?

This drama has finished airing but you can catch the episodes on DVD or on vidpk.com


Silwatein Logo 3 Great Pakistani Dramas for Summer 2013!

The story is not old, two sisters, one is the apple of everyone’s eye and the other gets the hand-me-downs. It is the treatment here that makes for compelling storytelling. Zaib (Aminah Sheikh) is a sweet individual who loves teasing her younger sister, Natasha (Meera Sethi). Both sisters are pressured to get married from their father’s sister and pretty soon a proposal from America comes for Zaib. Knowing how much her sister loves riches and wants to move to America, Zaib and Natasha switch identities on the phone. Soon Natasha is married to Bilal (Daniyal Raheel) but the identity-switch has caused severe rifts between the sisters and Natasha leaves for America not ready to forgive her sister. Zaib travels to the U.S to reconcile and within that time Natasha uses her poisonous tongue to warn everyone about Zaib’s double nature. Silwatain is a story about revenge and betrayal, about the ties that bind and break.

Airs Thursday at 8 pm on ARY Digital

Kash Aisa Ho

kaash aisa ho 3 Great Pakistani Dramas for Summer 2013!

Shayaan (Mohib Mirza) is a struggling artist in Karachi. His wife, Irfa (Saba Qamar), encourages him to do his best and believes in his talent. Soon, he catches the attention of a rich man who agrees to be his patron. His daughter played by Sana Askari becomes obsessed with the artist and convinces him to leave Irfa and their one-year-old daughter. The show charts his decline as he slowly finds that this life of lies and betrayal has cost him his first and only love.

Airs Saturday at 8pm on ARY Digital 

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