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4 Best Winter Color Schemes For Your Home


When the season changes, many of us get the itch to redecorate our homes. Therefore, we have rounded up some great ways to visually warm up your room and set the mood for the season. Slight changes like exchanging out accent pillows, rugs or reupholstering your typical seating can transform a vivid summery room into a cozy winter wonderland. All you have to do is choose the right colors!

1. Add Elegance With Nude Colors

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Neutral can actually be very graceful. Painting the walls in simple fawn, combining it with cream or white and adding gold, brown or any metallic color accessory to the space can make the room look brighter and a place admirable for a cozy winter retreat. Simply adding a metallic vase or any other decorating item in beige color room will enhance the look of the room. Plus, a dull gold bed sheet will compliment your brown furniture and light-colored walls.

2. Brighten Up With Wintery White

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For a winter vibe, mix & match of whites and grays can actually make a room look brighter. The best thing about white is that you can simply put a white accent or two for a finished and brighten look. You can paint your old and faded furniture in white to make it look new.  Icy blue and red can be easy ways to give an all white room a splatter of color.

3. Cozy Up With Classic Gray

modern bedroom 4 Best Winter Color Schemes For Your Home

Gray is definitely a color of winter. It gives a feeling of coziness, so, using it for a winter color scheme makes good sense. Let it be soft heather or bold charcoal, gray will make your room perfect to curl up in bed on cold nights. Gray can be paired with wintry shades of blue or deep hues of purple and silvery metallic accents to finish off the look.

4. Get a Modish Look With Aesthatic Purple

luxury modern purple living room design with grey and white 4 Best Winter Color Schemes For Your Home

Rich and vibrant colors actually help brighten a dull winter. If you’re dressing up a womanly entrance hall or living room, consider adding the purple. Deep shades of magenta or plum make ideal accents and even better wall and fabric colors and look amazing for winter. For balance, you can add a light colored piece of furniture or rug that will provide some contrast.

These winter color schemes will definitely revamp the look of your house and will add life to the dull winters! 

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