4 Evergreen Female Celebrities of Pakistani Television Industry


The other day, during my usual channel searching I couldn’t help but notice and appreciate new faces of Pakistani drama industry that have quickly made their way to the peak of stardom and fame. Aiza Khan, Marwa & Urwa and Maya Ali are some of those new comers who not only act brilliantly but also possess a pleasant personality, which is why they made their own space among all senior artists in a very short span of time. However, despite the popularity of new actors there are still few names that are still as famous as they were a decade ago, their names guarantee the success of dramas – their acting skills and the charisma of their personalities have only gone better with time. This article is thus dedicated to all those evergreen female celebrities of Pakistani television industry who have given a major part of their life to this industry and are still motivated to enhance their acting skills.


d 4 Evergreen Female Celebrities of Pakistani Television Industry

Hands down Saba Hameed is one of the most stylish and incredibly talented actresses of Pakistani dramas. From Family Front to Qarz, she has given her best to each and every role. Mother of multi-talented Meesha Shafi and Faris Shafi, Saba surprises her audience with each of her character with her beyond perfect acting. In one of her recent ventures – Kis Ki Aye Gi Barat Series, she looked as young, pretty and chirpy as she was in Family Front that was broadcasted almost a decade ago. She tends to play different roles each time, her character in drama serial Qaid-e-Tanhai was entirely different than all of her comic projects. Saba Hameed – no doubt is one of the finest actresses and a true asset of Pakistani drama industry.


c 4 Evergreen Female Celebrities of Pakistani Television Industry

Gorgeous Samina Peerzada is the better half of internationally famous artist Usman Peerzada but the reason of her popularity lies in her own hard work. Samina Peerzada is a multi-talented personality who has worked for both film and TV. There is a long list of successful film and TV projects on her credit. Currently she is in her late 50s but still maintained a shining personality. Talking about her recent projects, her role in Ghost was astonishingly marvelous, in which her character was of a mysterious lady who lives in a haunted house. Her character in Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan also won her lots of praises; this was the best negative character I had seen in a while. The role she played in Shehr-e-Zaat was totally opposite to what she played in Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan but her acting was flawless, her performance played a major role in the success of both dramas.



Blush SaminaAhmed 682x1024 4 Evergreen Female Celebrities of Pakistani Television Industry

Remember Angar Wadi – the classic PTV play? Samina Ahmed has performed a number of classic PTV plays including Angar Wadi and the immensely popular Family Front. Samina Ahmed has played a variety of roles throughout her career; the most famous one from her recent projects is the character of Nani (Mehr-un-Nisa) in Kis Ki Aye Gi Barat series. I’m sure all of us wish to have such a lively, beautiful and energetic nani at our house to solve our problems in minutes. Samina Ahmad has also directed a couple of TV plays and telefilms, she has also won the PTV Best Director Award in 1991.


Blush Sania Saeed 4 Evergreen Female Celebrities of Pakistani Television Industry

Winner of two PTV Best Actress Awards and four Lux Style Awards, Sania Saeed definitely needs no formal introduction. Polite, humble, intelligent and stunning Sania knows how to infuse soul to her characters. When it comes to the selection of roles, she is really picky hence we don’t see her on our screens quite often but when she appears on screens, the project is sure to be perfection. It’s been nearly two decades since Sania Saeed is in this field but not even once her career seemed monotonic in all these years due to the careful role selection. Zaib-un-Nisa, Ghost and Shayad K Bahar Aye are few of her popular plays, right now you can watch Sania performing in Numm, Aseer Zadi and Darmiyaan in the prime time drama slot of different entertainment channels.

Did you find your favourite celebrity in this list? You’re welcome to add your personal favourite senior female celebrities to our list by commenting below! 

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