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4 Steps to Flawless Matte Lips

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From vivacious reds to stellar hot pinks, a matte lip is the perfect way to rock bold statement lipstick hues. Since matte lipsticks tend to have a dry texture, it can sometimes look unflattering and accentuate any imperfections on your lips. By following a few simple steps, your matte lips will look flawless from day to night. Learn how to create the perfect matte lip with these easy and simply steps.

4 Steps to the Perfect Matte Lip:

1-      Exfoliate Your Lips!

Lip scrub 4 Steps to Flawless Matte LipsBefore you go crazy with your bright matte lipstick, exfoliating your lips is the best way to create a smooth canvas. Matte lipsticks tend to exaggerate the smallest fine lines and patchiness. Exfoliating your lips with a mixture of sugar and olive oil will scuff off any dead skin. Simply take the mixture, massage it in a circular motion all over your lips, and wash it off. The sugar will help remove any dead skin while the olive oil will act as a moisturizer to soften the skin.

2-      Prep ‘Em!

Lip balm 4 Steps to Flawless Matte LipsThe best time to hydrate your lips is after exfoliating them. Since all of the nasty, dead skin is removed, it’s ideal to apply your lip balm and leave it on overnight. Not all lip balms are ideal for wearing through the night. Avoid a balm with SPF for overnight use since it can lead to over-drying your lips. Apply a natural lip balm with smoothing properties to wake up with supple lips.

3-      Lip Lining

Lip Liner 4 Steps to Flawless Matte LipsNow that your lips are prepped, remove any leftover moisture from the lip balm with a clean tissue. Use a lip liner to create a barrier for your lipstick to cling onto. You can get away with wearing lipstick on its own, in that case use a lip brush to create a clean outline with your lipstick.  A lip liner should be the same shade, if not lighter than your lipstick color. Outline your entire lip and fill them in with your lip liner.

4-      Color it up!

lipstick 4 Steps to Flawless Matte LipsNow it’s time to add some color to your lips. Take your lipstick and begin applying it from the center of your lips then blend it out to the corners. Take your time with this step and start with thin layers to slowly buildup the pigmentation. If you’ve applied too much, take a clean tissue and blot off any excess by pressing your lips against the tissue. The less you apply the longer it will cling to your lips! 

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