5 Actors/Actresses Who Host Morning Shows

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There are a lot of morning shows that are aired on many Pakistani TV channels. These shows feature lots of segments, celebrity guests and other entertainment packages.A few of these shows are hosted by some of the most well-known actors and actresses of Pakistan. This gives their loyal fans a chance to see their favorite stars on television many times a week and to interact with them at times thorough live calls.

The top 5 hosts who have delighted us with their acting skills and keep us hooked with their morning shows are:

1) Juggan Kazim

Morning Juggan 300x238 5 Actors/Actresses Who Host Morning Shows

Juggan Kazim is a very popular icon in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She has appeared in many hit dramas, she also works as a model for many designers and is the brand ambassador of Garnier Pakistan. Apart from her good looks, Juggan is also well known for her hosting abilities.

Her first show as a host, Beanbag, was written by her. Apart from this, she has hosted a number of other shows as well. Her current one, a morning show,  airs on PTV by the name of Morning with Juggan.

2) Faisal Qureishi

246425 346098052149816 1909563353 n 300x225 5 Actors/Actresses Who Host Morning ShowsFaisal Qureishi is one of the most popular and sought after actors in Pakistan. He has acted in more than thirty dramas. Apart from acting, Faisal also hosts a number of programs on TV.

As a  morning show host, he appears in  TV One’s Muskurati Mornings along with co-host Ayesha Khalid. This program is one of the most watched  morning show on Television not only due to Faisal’s popularity but also due to his hosting skills.

3) Sanam Baloch

subha saveray samaa ke sath 300x170 5 Actors/Actresses Who Host Morning ShowsSanam Baloch is blessed with the ability to bring everything she does to life and to grab the attention of  people easily. This can be witnessed in the roles that she has acted in a lot of award winning dramas as well as her ability to connect with people as a host . Watch Sanam at her best on her morning show on Samaa TvSubha Saverey Samaa Kay Sath.

4) Fahad Mustafa

Jago Pakistan Jago2 284x300 5 Actors/Actresses Who Host Morning Shows

Fahad Mustafa has achieved a lot at a very young age. He is not only an actor but also a model as well as a producer. Good looks aside, Fahad is very talented and this reflects in his work.

His sincerity and charisma is on full display when he hosts Jago Pakistan Jago on Hum TV. This popular morning show  features a variety of segments. Also celebrities appear on the show regularly for an added entertainment package.

5) Nida Yasir

good morning pakistan live watch 300x134 5 Actors/Actresses Who Host Morning ShowsNida lights up the screens of Pakistanis every where with her morning show, Good Morning Pakistan that airs on ARY Digital. Nida is an actress, producer and well-known TV host who is married to Yasir Nawaz who is also an actor/ producer/ director.

With the amount of effort and dedication that Nida Yasir puts into this morning show, its no wonder many people tune in regularly.

Which morning show in your opinion is the best?  Also which Pakistani actor or actress would you like to see a host on you TV screens?  Leave your comments below! 

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