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5 Best Red Lipsticks For Every Skintone


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate the day of love than with a classic, glamorous red lipstick. Not all red hues compliment each skin tone, some have a slightly orange base while others might have a brown/maroon hue. Knowing which red tone suits your skin will help you pick out the right shade of red and not be disappointed!

Fair/Ivory Complexion

Fair Red 5 Best Red Lipsticks For Every SkintoneIf you have a cool undertone with a slightly pinkish hue, bright cherry reds should be your go to! A vibrant bright red will compliment the pink undertone in your skin to  make your skin glow and look luminous. Try out a matte finish lipstick to give your lips a more sultry finish. For those with a yellow/golden undertone, pick a warm red with a slightly maroon hint. A brick red shade is perfect with a low key makeup look with a little eyeliner.

Try Out: 

Essence Lipstick- All You Need is Red (360RS), Color Studio Lipstick- Bomb Shell (595RS)

Medium/Beige Complexion

Medium Red Lipstick 5 Best Red Lipsticks For Every SkintoneThose with a slightly beige complexion, a combination of deep lips to pair with your undertone can flatter your skin instead of going for a bright cherry red. Try out a red with a slightly coral tone for a more fun and vibrant look. On the other hand, a deeper cranberry warms up to add just enough to look glamorous.

Try Out: 

Milani Color Statement Lipstick- Best Red (650 RS), Luscious Signature Lipstick- Moroccan Rose (775 RS)

Tan/Bronze Complexion

Dark Red Lipstick 5 Best Red Lipsticks For Every SkintoneWith a deeper complexion, sure we can recommend a brown or maroon red lipstick but not everyone wants a dark lip. Colors that will pop against your skin are shades of orange toned reds. The orange tone will work with bronze skin under the same color family.  On the other hand, an eggplant hue will flatter against dark skin. Reds with a slightly berry undergone will look best with any makeup look.

Try Out:  

Maybelline Lipstick – Fatal Red (975 RS), Revlon Lipstick- Fire and Ice (1,265 RS)

Perfect Matte Red Lips

matte Red Lipstick 5 Best Red Lipsticks For Every SkintoneIf you love a matte lipstick, reds are your best pick. A show-stopping matte red lipstick will give the look of glamour with a classy touch. A matte finish is perfect for a night out when you want to look done up with minimal makeup.

Try Out: 

Bourjois Rouge Edition- Rouge Buzz (1,225 RS) Color Studio Pure Matt Lipstick- Red Velvet (750 RS)

Perfect Glossy Red Lips

Glossy Red Lipstick 5 Best Red Lipsticks For Every SkintoneIf you want to add a little volume and fullness to your lips, a glossy red lipstick will flatter thinner lips since the illusion of shine adds a 3 dimensional effect. A creamy and smooth lipstick will not last as long as a matte lip, but pair it with a lip liner and your red lip will stay perfect all day.

Try Out: 

Bourjois Rouge Shine Edition Lipstick - Rouge Making Of (1,225 RS), Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick- My Red Card 080 (750 RS) 

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