5 Fat Reducing Habits To Shape You Up

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Losing weight may sound like a tough job but it totally depends on the way you plan it. Instead of going on a crash diets and over tiring yourself with excessive exercise routine, it is suggested to keep everything simple and on a moderate level. Hence, we have rounded up few fat reducing habits for you to adopt in order to achieve your weigh-loss goal and lead a healthy life.

1. Eat Frequent Meals

amall frequent meals 300x203 5 Fat Reducing Habits To Shape You UpIt is scientifically proven that eating small frequent meals boost your metabolism rate. So, convert your 3 large meals of the day into 5, 6 small meals. Or eat in small quantity every 2 to 3 hours to avoid being starved as starvation brings out certain physiological alterations within the body that work to preserve energy. In the long run, this may disrupt your weight-loss efforts. So remember, to drop weight, you have to eat! But the healthy food!

2. Treat High-Calorie Foods As a Topping

chips salsa 400x400 300x234 5 Fat Reducing Habits To Shape You UpRather than topping your rice with curry, top your curry with rice. Rather than having a whole bowl of ice-cream, have a bowl of berries with a spoonful of ice-cream. Plus, if quitting chips is hard for you then simply cut down the intake by pairing each bite with loads of fresh salsa or low fat yogurt sauce. This habit of replacing a great amount of your high-calorie food with low-calorie food will give you rewarding results. Plus, this way you don’t even have to totally cut out on your secret guilty pleasures, have them in less quantity instead.

3. Make Water Your Prime Drink

water bottle 300x217 5 Fat Reducing Habits To Shape You UpReplacing the sodas and other soft drinks with water will not only cut down your calories but it will also detox your body. So, make a habit of drinking water through out the day. When you stay at home, or work in the office or go out in the field, keep a water bottle with, so that you don’t forget to drink water. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. So, have a check on your water intake as this habit can prevent you from a lot of problems including weight-gain.

4. Eat Salad/Soup With Every Meal

salad meal recipes chicken 300x225 5 Fat Reducing Habits To Shape You UpEating salad or soup with every meal means you are cutting down the portion size of your meal. So, whatever you have for breakfast, lunch or dinner everyday, cut the size of your meal to half and incorporate raw vegetables and fruits or clear soups in your meals. They are amazingly healthy and filling. The water content in them keep easily take the place of higher-calorie food.


5. Don’t Stock The Junk

trash the junk food 300x257 5 Fat Reducing Habits To Shape You UpNever buy big bags of chips, tubs of ice creams or crate of drinks for home. If you have a stock of junk in your home, you are most likely to get indulged in eating them. You cant resist the urge to eat the chips or any junk if it’s in front of you or when you know its its easily accessible, just a few steps away. So, its better not to keep such foods at home. The more you avoid the junk food, the less you need to struggle with your weight-loss.


6. Make Brown Carbs Your Friend

large grains20 300x199 5 Fat Reducing Habits To Shape You UpAvoiding the white things is very importing in a weight-loss plan. Let it be white sugar, white rice or white bread, its not good for you if you are considering to lose weight. White carbohydrates are the simple and refined form of carbohydrates, whereas, the brown ones are the complex and natural form of carbohydrates. Brown carbs carry longer chains of sugar molecules which take more time to break down in the body and give you more amount of energy. While, white carbs are higher in sugar and lower in fibre. So, consider the levels of sugar and fiber in carbs you choose to eat. Focus on healthy whole grains (brown carbs), vegetables and fruits to get the energy your body needs every day.

The above simple and easy to adopt habits are not only good for you in losing weight, but they may also lead you to a healthier life.


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