5 Must Visit Buffet Restaurants in Karachi


In Karachi, the most common entertainment is gathering your friends and family and heading off to a nice restaurant. And dining just gets better when you’re offered varieties of cuisines in “all you can eat” buffets.

Let’s have a look at some restaurants that offers the best buffets in Karachi, which have great food and great atmosphere to give you a complete dining experience

Here are a few of the finest buffet restaurants in Karachi.

Lal Qila

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One of the most popular buffet restaurants in Karachi, located near Shah-re-Faisal across Awami Markaz, it has an amazing range of dishes which are rotating every day. Designed like the Red Castle to show the Mughlai era, they have a standard beaten by very few, with their servers also in Mughlai get ups. To name one dish of theirs as a hit would be difficult as all their dishes, from appetizers to desserts, are well executed.

Dinner at Lal Qila would cost Rs 1150 per head (adult)


1023 5 Must Visit Buffet Restaurants in Karachi

Kabab-Ji is a Lebanese restaurant that offers authentic Arabic cuisine in a traditional Lebanese atmosphere. It is located in Sheraton Hotel, Club Road. The cuisines are prepared by Chef Karim Zeitouni, he proudly presents the taste of Lebanon here in Karachi, Pakistan. Kabab-ji are very known for their delicious Shish Taouk(Grilled skewers of chicken breast marinated in garlic & lemon juice) and Shish Kebab(Grilled lamb on a skewer & served with onion & bell peppers).

The buffet here is offered every Wednesday and Saturday night Rs. 1399+tax per head.



1204 5 Must Visit Buffet Restaurants in Karachi

Located on Do Darya Beach Avenue, D.H.A. phase 8, Mirage brings a whole new level to dining by offering you spectacular selection of cuisines on a pleasant venue of the sea. Mirage is highly recommended if you’re looking for a dinner with absolutely amazing sights. They specialize in Pakistani, Chinese, Thai, Mughlai, BBQ and seafood.

The dinner buffet costs Rs. 999 per head.

Sky bbq

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There are those of us who would just prefer good ol’ Pakistani cuisine, and wouldn’t mind it in a fancy setting. Enter Sky BBQ! Located on the rooftop of Avari towers, this restaurant has live music on weekends and has a beautiful set up for us to dine under the sky. Apart from traditional Pakistani cuisine they also have thin crust pizza which they claim to make using traditional Italian techniques.

The buffet here costs Rs. 1395 +tax


Fujiyama 5 Must Visit Buffet Restaurants in Karachi

How about something exotic? Let’s sample some delights from the Far East. Fujiyama is a Japanese restaurant with authentic dishes made from fresh ingredients. Chef Santo and his ‘sizzling samurai chefs’ (how can anyone not want to go to a place where the team of chefs is referred to as that?) have started a weekend buffet with live cooking as well. Experience something completely out of your comfort zone and enjoy the food art and culture of Japan.

Fujiyama’s weekend buffet costs Rs. 2500 per head (most expensive of the lot but worth a try once in a while)

So next time you want to gather your family and friends for a night out, do give these places a try, you won’t be disappointed. 

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