5 Novel Based Dramas That Were a Total Disappointment!


Novel Based dramas are certainly not a new trend in Pakistani drama industry, PTV classic play Bandhan of Nadia Khan and Nauman Masood is a supreme example of it. Usually viewers keep their hopes really high when a novel based drama goes on air, reason is simple and clear; while reading the novel they develop a close intimacy with all major characters, they feel a keen association with the situations and conflicts of the story and seeing the same play on TV screens really incite their enthusiasm. This interest of audience leads our producers and directors to do more novel based projects and since the novels are already popular so almost half part of publicity is done prior to the release of the drama.

Technically speaking, making novel based dramas is really a hard nut to crack. A huge part of targeted audience probably had already read the novel and the main task of entire cast and crew of the drama is to match the perception or expectations of the audience. When a novel based project goes on air the response from the audience is always on extreme levels; whether it will be extremely good or a total fail. The audience basically has perceived each character according to their own imagination and successful dramas are the one that matches the perception of audience well. Today we are talking about those novel based projects that totally ruined the beauty of original novels and received some severe criticism from the masses. Let’s see which dramas made it to our list.

Dil Diya Dehleez

hib 227x300 5 Novel Based Dramas That Were a Total Disappointment!Dil Diya Dehleez is a popular novel of 90s that was published monthly in Khawateen Digest. Riffat Siraj is known for her art of characterization hence this novel from her had some strong characters like Bari and Teimoor Khan. The biggest flaw of the dramatized project is mismatched cast, probably the director didn’t understand the essence of the story hence casted a newbie Faisal Shah for the role of Bari. As soon as the play goes on air on Hum TV, people start criticizing poor performance by cast, unnecessary glamour and direction of Yasir Nawaz.



Man o Salwa by Umera Ahmed 213x300 5 Novel Based Dramas That Were a Total Disappointment!

Man-o-Salwa is penned by Umera Ahmad that aired on Hum TV in 2007. Man-o-Salwa is the story of a girl Zainab who is extremely beautiful and pious, her life takes a turn when her would be husband rejects her because of her poverty. Zaini then turns to the world of glamour and emerges as a super model and successful film actress. Film star Resham was chosen to play the character of Zainab that was a total disaster on account of director and producer. Resham, without any doubt is a fine actress who has performed brilliant in Aashti and other plays but she doesn’t look anything like the description of Zainab that was given in the novel hence the complete play turned a total failure.

Jo Chale Tou Jaan Se Guzar Gaye

25 300x150 5 Novel Based Dramas That Were a Total Disappointment!

Jo Chale Tou Jaan Se Guzar Gaye had been dramatized twice and both TV projects were a bitter disappointmnet for the readers of this novel. This was a comparatively short novel by Maha Malik with fewer characters; hence each character had its own strong traits that were printed on the minds of the reader. The first dramatized version of the novel was broadcasted from ATV, which had some ridiculously poor casting; I still wonder what was in the mind of casting person at the time of selecting Shamil Khan for the role of Aalim Shah – a man with grand stature and strong attributes. Another version of this drama went on air from Geo TV but this time subplots and too many unnecessary characters were added to the real plot of story to prolong it hence the main story seemed somewhat forcefully dragged and boring.

Maata-e-Jann Hai Tu

34 300x225 5 Novel Based Dramas That Were a Total Disappointment!

Coming from the famous writer of Humsafar, Mata-e-Jaan created a huge buzz around before its release, to top it up Mehreen Jabbar was directing the project hence viewers doubled their expectations. Mata-e-Jaan is the story of an exceptionally obedient son and extremely caring husband. Sadly, the writer added a couple of extra characters for the TV play hence the main story line got disturbed. The script of the play was poorly written; giving too many unnecessary details through long dialogues of characters hence the play didn’t get the success it anticipated.

Haroon Tou Piya Teri

Ayesha Khan Picture 29 gbtsv 300x287 5 Novel Based Dramas That Were a Total Disappointment!

Haroon Tou Piya Teri is based on Faiza Iftikhar’s novel Dasi Dholan Yaar Di, the novel revolves around Gulabo who is impulsive, overly sensitive and a passionate girl. She gets involved in an act of robbery to save her lover and take refuge in a family. Situations get difficult for her there and the rest of the novel deals with her struggles for her blind love. Ayesha Khan played the role of Gulabo and probably she was the only good thing of this drama otherwise each major and minor character of this play broke all records of over acting hence the play lost its audience from the initial episodes. 

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