5 Secrets of Success for Pakistani Dramas!


Not long ago, we Pakistanis used to be very proud of our Television Plays; their settings, tremendous acting by the cast, direction and most importantly the story line. A crisp story and a clear plot are the foundation of a strong drama in my opinion. An actor would act only according to what he is provided with, if the script is hollow enough to disappoint the audience then that’s really not his fault. For our Tuesday’s Top 5, I had planned to come up with a list of plays that are worth watching this season but while compiling it I was left only with the Indian-influenced and based-on-over discussed-topics plays only! This being said, plays like Kankar and Shakk are still on air and they totally deserve viewers’ attention, but this season they are fairly fewer in number. This week, our Tuesday’s Top 5 is thus featuring the top 5 secret formulas of Pakistani Producers and Directors that lead them to higher TRPs without investing much dedication and concern.


210 5 Secrets of Success for Pakistani Dramas!

The number one of them had to be casting of lush push, sizzling hot hero! Allow me to say that Numm must be labeled as one of the most boring and disappointing play of the season in spite of the fact that infamous Fawad Afzal Khan is playing the main lead in it. The producer probably invested all his resources in casting a cast of this grandeur and left with small money to spend on lighting, props and editing. The editing and sound is really of a very lower caliber, hence I lost all my interest in it. Probably the team of Numm thought, only the tag of Fawad Afzal Khan would do the magic for Numm as Behlul did for Ishq-e-Mamnun, after all it’s all about an eye candy on screen!


44 300x300 5 Secrets of Success for Pakistani Dramas!

Step mother and deserted kids is also one of over-discussed theme in our dramas in my own humble opinion. No doubt Kadurat did fairly well on screen but the story line was very very similar to what we had already seen in Zard Mausam. Now I really hope we don’t get to see another play with another step mother and abandoned child on our screens soon. Other than that our producers and directors are also fond of presenting poor helpless mothers on screen, in my opinion this inspiration must have come from PTV classic play Aagosh, the modern version of Aagosh includes Khushbo Ka Ghar, Mann K Moti & most probably the upcoming play Tootay Huye Tarey as well. Meri Beti is also a similar play that features the problems of a mother who is forced to leave her daughter for a second marriage. Sister’s rivalry is another overused theme of our dramas, where one sister acts devilish and other suffers because of her, this seriously need to be turned down now!


15 300x222 5 Secrets of Success for Pakistani Dramas!Another trick that works great for our Pakistani production houses is making novel based dramas. Since the novels are already a hit among public so they definitely get a chance to cash this popularity. Now some of the novel based dramas are really well executed but again they are limited in number whereas novel based dramas that totally disappoint their readers make a long list. Currently Sari Bhool Hmari Thi is getting all that fame primarily because of its already popular novel.


51 5 Secrets of Success for Pakistani Dramas!

A great trick to attract a huge audience towards your drama is smart casting. Production houses cast same actors time and again in same roles because audience have already seen and approved them in that type of role, for me it totally deprives actors from showing their real talent and acting skills. Talk about Aiza Khan, don’t you think she is repeatedly portraying the same role of bechari larki for the fifth time now? Similarly Sajal is almost doing the same sort of character in Asmano Pe Likha and Gohar-e-Nayab. Another formula that always works is casting famous VJs or even designers in dramas regardless of the fact they can handle such complex characters or not. No! I wasn’t aiming Deepak Parwani in Kadurat or Syra Yousaf in Darmiyan at all.


36 300x300 5 Secrets of Success for Pakistani Dramas!A very good formula to achieve commercial success for Pakistani drams is sprinkling some Indian influence! Talk about Rishte Kuch Adhure Se where a sati sawatry becahari larki was stuck somewhere right on her nikkah day so her mother sent her younger sister to the mandip oops sorry to the nikkah place instead of her. Now the sati sawatri larki is all alone to bear the rage and consequences of this extremely foolish act. Similarly the sweet incident of Aasmano Pe Likha in which a poor girl marries off to a well established guy is being repeatedly portrayed in numerous Indian soaps and even in PTV’s Dil Se Dil Tak already.

By no means I’m criticizing all Pakistani dramas or categorizing them all poorly executed but this is the time when we need to come up with some serious good topics else our drama industry would be in same situation as our film industry. But mind it; even our film industry is stepping up the game with novel ideas like Zinda Bhaag and Waar!


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