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5 Tips for Hiring a Maid in Pakistan

Every other housewife, or for that matter woman, is nowadays seen fretting over the problem of hiring a maid in Pakistan or making the present one to stay longer. There is certainly no doubt that finding a good-natured, hardworking and trustworthy domestic help has become very difficult while modern life is becoming busier than ever.

In Pakistan we do get plenty of people to find domestic help, however, often maids don’t stay longer or lose enthusiasm after a while. So what should one do to ensure that the ones who we find for our help remain satisfied and loyal over a period of time? There is no exact formula for hiring a maid in Pakistan, of course, as there can be none when human factor is involved in the equation, but there are guidelines that one should follow while searching for domestic help. Here are five best that can help you choose better help for yourself!

Look for Adults not Minors

It is very unfortunate that in third world countries like Pakistan, more than often, minors are hired as domestic help. One should be very clear not to hire minors as it comes under child labor. And in case of any mismanagement one cannot blame them for their carelessness. Choose someone who is adult, healthy and can actually work under your guidance with care and hard work.

Conduct a Short Interview

It is generally seen people hire domestic help on someone’s referral whom they know. Nonetheless, it should not be the way to go about it. One should know through a short interview whether someone you are hiring is able enough to carry out tasks as you want to. In interview ask pertinent questions and know the background. Having knowledge about a maid’s background is very important.

Have a short Trial

After interviewing, to know whether the person you are hiring is experienced enough to carry out responsibilities as per your demand or not, have a one or two day trial. It may not be effective enough to let you have clear idea of how he/she would come about in future, however,  it can get you to a decision making level where you can clearly decide on keeping or rejecting someone.

Find Previous Work history

In an interview, someone can lie about his/her previous work history or may hide something that can create suspicion, as an employer you should dig deeper. We do see a lot of cases of theft and robbery by maids and man- servants. So to be sure, you must ask people who have previously been employers of someone you want to hire, just to be on safe side.

Set Your Terms

If everything comes out clean to this level, now is the time to settle your terms, a kind of contract. Though in our part of the world, this is not among the standard procedures for hiring help, yet it has become inevitable as the domestic servants work on their whims. Include everything you want to be ensured of; not to mention the salary. Servants soon start to complain or ask for raise. So to avoid the inevitable events when hiring a maid in Pakistan, get agreement on everything you doubt or want cleared from start.

With everything cleared and checked, go ahead, enjoy help! 

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