5 Tips to Have Peaceful Sleep During Pregnancy


pregnancy pillow for best sleeping position during pregnancy 5 Tips to Have Peaceful Sleep During PregnancyPregnancy is said to be one of the most beautiful stages of a woman’s life. Where on one hand it is a source of eternal bliss, since it gifts a couple with the priceless bounty of a child, it is painful and difficult too. Nine months of enduring pain, fatigue, restlessness and mood swings are test of a woman’s patience. What most women miss during pregnancy is peaceful sleep which is difficult to attain considering the pain and restlessness they come across during that phase. Here are some quick tips to get a relaxing sleep when you don’t feel like sleeping at all in pregnancy.


Keep all mess out of your bedroom. Whether its responding to your emails or shifting half of your workplace to your home, clutter and dirt or engaging in a bad argument with your spouse, keep it all out of your bedroom. Your room should be a place of peace, comfort and security and must be unfamiliar to all unwanted and lethargic experiences. You will be restful if your mind and body is trained to identify your bedroom as a soothing place.


8 31 13 5 Tips to Have Peaceful Sleep During PregnancyMost women say that sleeping during pregnancy becomes very backbreaking and difficult during the last 9 weeks because the baby is almost developed and the weight on a woman’s spine increases. To counter restlessness and insomnia during the last months of pregnancy, a woman should keep pillow under her belly while sleeping. This helps in lessening the painful stimulation and brings calmness to the body.



Most of our efforts achieve success due to strong resolve. Will power is the key to triumph. Darwin’s survival of the fittest also suggests same. If you want to have a peaceful sleep, tell this to yourself and make every effort to achieve it. Disconnect from external surroundings, like reading a book, newspaper, listening to music, engaging yourself in a thought or doing any other physical exercise. Devote your all energies and focus towards your comfort and rest and you’ll see a peaceful slumber coming.


 5 Tips to Have Peaceful Sleep During PregnancyHaving a glass of warm milk with a tablespoon of honey added in it ensures a peaceful sleep. It might also help lessen the tossing and turning in bed all night long due to pain and restlessness. Another way to achieve a great amount of peaceful sleep is to ask your husband to calm you and support you. A great deal of sense of security and internal harmony comes from an understanding spouse. If your husbands understands the worth of your health, he’ll surely take good care of your rest.


sleep11 600x450 5 Tips to Have Peaceful Sleep During PregnancyTalking to some mothers revealed that women feel more lazy and lethargic when they have a girl in their wombs. So, a way of attaining peaceful sleep during pregnancy is to wish for a baby girl. That way you’ll have to make less efforts. The baby will ensure your proper rest.

Hope this helps all mamas-to-be out there!


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