5 Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Do you have to toss and turn in bed for hours before you are finally able to sleep? Do you feel irritable and exhausted during the day? If your answer is yes to both the questions, 7985864173 e76cc11288 m 5 Tips To Help You Sleep Betterthen your problem is sleeplessness. With all the stress and workload in our lives, it is inevitable for us to get drained out at the end of the day. On top of that, if we suffer from a disturbed sleep pattern, our bodies are unable to relax and tiredness becomes a perpetual part of our daily lives.

Human body is like an electronic gadget that relies on batteries to operate. Once the batteries run out, they need to be recharged. In case of our bodies’ mechanism, sleep provides supplements the energy that our bodies lose throughout the day.

Here are some tips that can help you get some quality sleep time:

Keep a Bedtime Schedule

Working around a fixed timetable and planning your sleep timings accordingly can help you improve your sleep cycle. If you keep a fixed time for sleeping and waking up, it will assist your natural circadian rhythm to get in sync with it. Consequently, it helps you regulate your sleep patterns better.2563350313 355009ed38 m 5 Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Moreover, you need to be consistent when following a timetable. Our bodies have their own biological clocks, which work perfectly when you follow a proper schedule. With experts recommending 7-8 hours of sleep each night, try giving your body the chance to wake up in the morning without an alarm clocks. As soon as your body feels fully rested, you will get the natural indication to wake up.

Avoid exposure to Light before sleeping

If you like to take your laptop and cellphone to bed, then you might be creating trouble for 363218369 5bd27b731e m 5 Tips To Help You Sleep Betteryourself. For better sleep, you must make sure that you do not expose your eyes to light when trying to fall asleep. Light works as stimulus for our brain and sends it signals to remain alert. As a result, the brain is unable to prepare the body for sleep.

Make sure that you reduce your light exposure before bedtime. Finish all your tasks that require light well before your bedtime.

Experiment with your bedroom color

4507159256 b87481d365 m 5 Tips To Help You Sleep BetterMake your bedroom conducive for sleep by creating an ambiance that can help you sleep better. Paint your room with the soothing colors like blue, violet, green, yellow, peach and white. Avoid using bright wall colors like pink, orange or red as they have longer wavelengths and can make you stay alert. Do a bit of experimentation and you will know which color suits you best.

Create a bedtime habit

Our bodies can be programmed to function in a certain way and falling asleep is no 445692056 0d386c7883 m 5 Tips To Help You Sleep Betterdifferent. Your brain needs a signal from you that it is sleep time. This can be done by following a regular activity before it is time for you to sleep. These activities could be anything from reading a book, taking a bath, brushing teeth, meditating or listening to soft music.

With time your body will get conditioned to these stimuli and will respond in the desired way. Different activities work for different people, so you may have to work around before you know what is best for you.

Keep your stress in check

5311722587 f12107fd37 m 5 Tips To Help You Sleep BetterIf tips given above fail to work for you, you may have some serious work to do. Keep a tab on the amount of stress you undertake during the day. There are a number ways to break the cycle of stress before you try to sleep. Eat foods that help in stress reduction instead of junk food, which is known to put our bodies in a hyper state. Exercising in the late afternoon or early evening is also said to improve sleep cycles. Visualization and meditation are very helpful in eliminating stress, calming nerves and inducing sleep. 

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