5 Unique Pakistani Drinks



sattu 5 Unique Pakistani DrinksSattu is a typical Pakistani refreshing drink. To prepare Sattu, mix barely seeds with water and other ingredients such as milk, sugar, fruit pieces, and lemon. Recipe for Sattu varies for each region but it always has barely seeds and sugar. Get a quick recipe here


lassi 5 Unique Pakistani DrinksLassi is a popular Pakistani drink that becomes a part of every household during the summer. In rural areas, Lassi takes a central place at breakfast and lunch. Lassi can be sweet or salty. Sweet lassi is made of yogurt, sugar, milk while salty or regular lassi has salt instead of sugar. This economical drink is extremely refreshing during hot weather. Get a quick recipe here


qahwa 5 Unique Pakistani DrinksQahva is basically an Arabian drink and it is very popular in Pakistan as well, especially among Pakhtoons (Pathans). In some areas, drinking Qahva after meal is a regular tradition. Qahva is basically extract of a herb (different Qahvas use different herbs for preparation) in water. Depending on the herb used for Qahva, it can be used as medicine for number of diseases and health issues. Get a quick recipe here


sardai 5 Unique Pakistani DrinksShardai  is a common Pakistani drink, especially in rural areas. Sardai is considered a healthy drink that boosts mental health and provides instant energy. This cold beverage is processed with almond, milk, sugar and pistachio. Because of its ingredients, it is considered a royal drink in Pakistan. Get a quick recipe here


sugar cane drink 5 Unique Pakistani DrinksSugarcane juice is a refreshing mid-day drink. It is known as “Rouh” with locals. It is national drink of Pakistan. It’s beneficial for heart, brain, kidney and eyes. Get a quick recipe here 

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