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5 What-Ifs Parents Face With Their Kids

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When I was younger, every now and then, my mother and her friends would discuss matters related to their children. Each lady would have her own set of children-related woes and problems to share, while the others were supposed to console her and give her tips on how to handle the situations she had to encounter.

6845951768 2b100bb9bd m 5 What Ifs Parents Face With Their KidsParents often struggle with finding the right way to deal with their children, especially when it comes to day to day problems. Questions like ‘What should I do about Sara becoming a couch potato?’, ‘Why won’t Ali touch his vegetables?’, ‘I am receiving complaints from Saad’s math teacher. Should I find him a tutor?’ start weighing on their head and discussing them with friends or people with similar experiences often helps them vent their worries as well as gain some insights.

If you are a parent with similar queries, here are 5 situations and the way you can deal with them:


There is a simple solution to this problem – a little hard work and springboard for revision! Instead of directly asking “What are you learning at school?’, try ‘Can you help me with these bills?’ or a random ‘What is 6 multiplied by 2?’

5265647497 558df9b293 m 5 What Ifs Parents Face With Their KidsFor children in their early teens, having an educational discussion that revolves around their interests can prove to be helpful. You can become their students for a change and ask them about the mechanics of an iPhone or the latest version of Playstation. Another good option is to come up with a sort of quiz and incorporate questions related to math, science and general knowledge or any other subject that you think your child needs improvement in. If his performance is good, offer him a small reward for encouragement.


Unfortunately, the menace of bullying is increasingly being seen in our schools. Usually, the 7040908861 f56d66f8b5 m 5 What Ifs Parents Face With Their Kidsvictims are those kids who are either young or weaker than the rest, and therefore, cannot defend themselves against their stronger, boisterous counterparts. What parents can do in this situation is to:

  • Ask an older kid to keep an eye on their child and make sure that he is not being bullied.
  • Teach their kid to avoid the spots around the school where bullies are likely to be found.
  • Talk to his class teacher, or if matters get worse, to his principal and bring the matter to their notice.


To stop your children from becoming couch potatoes, just knock on the doors of their imagination. Be proactive in creating activities out of what are they best at. Encourage them to spend more time using their creative skills like writing, arts and even cooking. You can also assign them different household chores and show appreciation when they do a good job. Make a timetable for them to follow in which TV viewing should not exceed more than 2 hours a day. Moreover, with the variety of programs coming on TV these days, it is advisable for parents to keep a close watch on the content their kids are watching.


To begin with, start labeling your child’s belongings with his name so that they can easily 8086752097 9ae02122e9 m 5 What Ifs Parents Face With Their Kidsbe identified if he forgets them at school. To help your child overcome his careless habits, make a schedule for him to follow before and after school. Parents often make the mistake of buying too many things for their kids, which leads kids to take things for granted and forget their worth.

Additionally, you can show your displeasure every time your child loses something by deducting some amount from his pocket money. The penalty will become a reminder for your kid to start showing more responsibility towards his things.


Being shy is a personality trait, which may not necessarily be a bad quality unless it 2097016944 f2bf3f9e02 m 5 What Ifs Parents Face With Their Kidsbecomes a handicap in your child’s personality. Encouragement from parents can play a vital role in helping a child gain confidence in his abilities. What you need to be careful of, however, is not to force your child into behaving more confidently as it might go on to have a reverse reaction, pushing him further into isolation.

Increase your child’s social circle by introducing him to other children his age and helping him make new friends. Invite his friends over for play dates to encourage greater interaction. Moreover, you can talk to your child’s teachers for help in this regard by requesting them to increase his classroom duties such as maintaining the classroom board or ensuring class cleanliness.

To make him more interactive, you can ask him to write things down and discuss them with you or his teachers later on.

Parenting is a beautiful experience that unfolds itself each day with numerous ups and downs. If parents make creative, innovative and adaptable choices to solve the problems they face with their children, they can help create a stronger bond that will be cherished by their kids as well as themselves in the times to come. 

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