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6 Useful Tips To Make Work Life Simpler


When your work starts getting on your nerves and quitting job is not an option by any chance, there comes a point where you cant seem to take the pain any more and the stress at work starts affecting your life outside office as well. Hence, here are 6 useful tips to make work life simpler in order to enjoy every moment of your life to the fullest.

1. Learn When to Say “No”

man and woman at work 6 Useful Tips To Make Work Life SimplerNever be over keen to help out your co-workers with their work. When you start accepting the work outside your job responsibilities, people eventually start assuming that they are part of your job description. Some of them may use tactics to put their workload on your as way to lessen their own, while others may do it inadvertently. Whatever is the case, it’s best to measure your workload before you decide to assist others because the consequences can be tragic.

It is always better to focus on your work and complete your daily tasks first rather than helping out others and winding up in an unfavourable situation. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to be rude or mean with others, it’s just that you need to be systematic and professional with your work. Moreover, there is no harm in helping out others with their work until unless it’s not effecting your own work.

2. Learn to Accept Imperfection

frustrated woman at work 6 Useful Tips To Make Work Life SimplerEvery job task has its own expectations on how comprehensively it has to be done. However, not every aspect of your job capacity has such strict prerequisite, and these are the areas you should show some flexibility. If you’re always aiming for excellence in everything you do, you’re going to burden yourself with your crushingly increasing stress in the long-run.

Sometimes, you unknowingly overlook a high-priority task simply by putting an extra effort and time into something that is less important. The crucial part is to learn to prioritize your efforts. Therefore, accepting imperfection for those things or tasks that are comparatively less important doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on your aim for perfection.

3. Set Your Own Rules

bigstock Successful business woman with 37073290 583x459 6 Useful Tips To Make Work Life SimplerThe word “rules” may sound rigid and strict to you, but certain things in life not only deserve to spend ‘just’ time on but ‘quality’ time. Just as you have to spend a chosen amount of time for work every day, we should keep time for other commitments as well; things like committing to yourself that you will hit the bed by 11, you will spend every Sunday or Saturday with your family, you will exercise at least once a week.

In a way, your set rules and commitments will help you maintain a balanced life that doesn’t have just work and work in it.

4. Be Convivial But Watch Out the Politics

friendships at work 1024x740 6 Useful Tips To Make Work Life SimplerWork takes up a considerable fraction of our time and energy, so it will be favourable to your welfare if you use up your time optimally. Get to know your co-workers well even outside work and you’ll have to face less hard time in the office. Socializing and interacting with your colleagues will make it easier for you to ask for help when you need it.

One important thing you need to keep in mind here is that you may inadvertently get involved in the office politics. As the time passes, you get comfortable with a certain person or clique more than the other. This may lead to office politics by forming or joining a group. However, you can always minimize the chances of it by making an attempt to interact and mingle with everyone around. Remember to keep a good rapport with everyone without being taken for granted.

5. Reduce Job Stress By Taking Care of Yourself

family having fun at beach Small 6 Useful Tips To Make Work Life SimplerOnce you are out of the office, try to detach yourself from work as much as possible. Try to avoid distractions and complete your work within the office timing rather than bringing it to home with you.

If you have a lot of workload and it’s not possible for you to keep your work to office only then at least try to take a complete break from work during weekend or vacation. Enjoy your time with your friends and family to the fullest during weekend or a holiday because that is what more important in your life, work can be resumed later on.

6. Have Something to Look Forward To

37 6 Useful Tips To Make Work Life SimplerSome of us may see work as a task that we drag out for five days a week. And for these people, time may seem to crawl by every second of the day and work can make their lives a living hell. Therefore, to abridge the pain of work, have something to look forward to at the end of the day, week, or even a month. Motivation or an incentive is necessary for every action in life, even if it’s just getting up from your seat to drink a glass of water, you need to have a stimulus (thirst) for that.

Try to link the reason why you are doing the work you abhor with what you look forward to. The reason could be that you are working because you need to meet your or your family’s needs and you are looking forward to take your family out this weekend or to buy things that are there in your wishlist!

And always remember that days will get easier on you when you have a reason as to why you’re holding on to your job, whether you are fed-up or not.


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