9 Months Of Pregnancy – 5 Reasons To Love Them


There are no words to describe the absolutely ecstatic feeling a woman experiences the first time she learns about her pregnancy. However, the onset of nausea and the weakness that comes along with it turn the initial excitement into a depressive state of mind. On a personal note, for all the weeks that this situation continued, the constant vomiting, loss of appetite and the generally miserable feeling associated with low 5475518133 3879788b46 m 9 Months Of Pregnancy   5 Reasons To Love Themhemoglobin often made me ask myself, ‘God, what was I thinking!’

This phase, however, is temporary and usually goes away by the time women reach the 14th week of their pregnancy. From there onward, pregnancy becomes a beautiful experience that you will cherish even after your children are grown up. If you are an expectant mother grappling with the horrors of the first trimester, hold on for a few more weeks and then, in all likelihood, you will not only start to feel better but will also come to treasure even this nightmarish phase of pregnancy.

Here are five reasons to love these life-changing 9 months:

1. The pampering

The jubilation-filled responses you receive after breaking the news to your near and dear ones is nothing short of priceless. The excitement of welcoming a new member into the 5161535668 ab6629a1d5 n e1363747436632 9 Months Of Pregnancy   5 Reasons To Love Themfamily inevitably lands the baby mama-to-be in the spotlight, with everyone trying to make sure that she is well taken care of. Perhaps after childhood, this is the most pampered stage of a woman’s life when everyone including her husband, family members and even coworkers show extra care and consideration towards her.

With family members, the concern is usually displayed by ensuring that the mother is well-fed and is not over-exerting herself in anyway. This means that you get to savor all your favorite foods, with everyone around more than keen to be of service to you in any way they can. Word to the wise: enjoy it while it lasts!

2. The pregnancy glow

Although your body will undergo some major transformations, becoming apparent with your growing belly and the unflattering appearance of stretch marks, pregnancy compensates for it by adding a majestic glow to your face. While the older ladies in the family will take this glow as a determinant for your baby’s gender, scientifically speaking, it is due to the greater volume of blood that your body starts producing.5388750894 f1178c28df m 9 Months Of Pregnancy   5 Reasons To Love Them

According to the American Pregnancy Association, a woman produces 50 percent more blood during pregnancy. When this additional amount of blood flows through your facial veins, it adds a healthy glow to your skin. What makes the effect even more pronounced is the increased oil production by your skin glands. This is due to the hormonal changes your body goes through during pregnancy.

Many women, however, experience a completely opposite scenario, with the rush of hormones dulling down their complexions and even resulting into acne breakout.

3. Planning and anticipation

Gone are the days of the typical filmi scene in which the doctor would step out of the labor room and declare ‘Mubarak ho! Aap ki biwi ne ek chaand si larki ko janam diya hai.642651883 8c8ae79cfb m 9 Months Of Pregnancy   5 Reasons To Love Them(Congratulations! Your wife has given birth to a beautiful baby girl). Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, parents these days are well-aware in advance about the gender of their baby, adding another enjoyable aspect to the 9 month-long anticipatory period – the planning.

Knowing the gender of the baby helps resolve the dilemma of pink vs. blue, helping parents and everyone around in finding a theme for the baby products they have on their list. Moreover, the months spent in waiting mean some incredible fun planning, right from shopping for baby items to deciding what he/she should be named. As days and weeks pass by, the anticipation of welcoming the baby becomes even stronger, with everyone awaiting the moment when they would finally get to hold and play with the little8365115224 dd72b88514 m 9 Months Of Pregnancy   5 Reasons To Love Them bundle of joy.

Even during pregnancy, every week brings along its own set of exciting developments, right from the undefinable moment the first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound to the instant bond you form with him every time you feel his kicks.

4. Health consciousness

Even if they generally have a relaxed attitude towards medical advice, pregnancy is the 8543057650 7e9bc06ab9 m 9 Months Of Pregnancy   5 Reasons To Love Themtime when you will find women in strong compliance with what their physicians tell them to do. Pakistani women are perhaps never as conscious about their health as they are during pregnancy. The steadfastness to a healthy diet and routine comes to expectant mothers naturally as they know they are now responsible for another life.

For women experiencing gestational diabetes or other pregnancy-related complications, it becomes even more imperative to ensure their own fitness and wellness first in order to guarantee a safe pregnancy and labor.

5. New wardrobe

With all the things they go through to bear a child, expectant mamas do reserve the right to3703340237 d0266c2cd4 m 9 Months Of Pregnancy   5 Reasons To Love Them spoil themselves a little bit during pregnancy and their changing figure is the perfect excuse to go on a little shopping spree. While you may not exactly be delighted about your expanding bust or waistline, pregnancy gives you a reason to splurge and invest a little extra in your wardrobe and even beauty routines like professional manicures and pedicures.

Pregnancy can be exhausting at times and may even make you wish to get done with it as 6784814708 9280aed5ce m 9 Months Of Pregnancy   5 Reasons To Love Themsoon as you can. There is, however, no denying the fact that it is filled with countless blissful moments too, which will become a beautiful memory for you as you watch your children grow. No matter how pleasant or unpleasant your experiences turns out to be at the end of the day, record them by maintaining a pregnancy journal. In the years to come, it will serve as a reminder of the bond you share with your kids right from the time they were the size of a tiny bean pod in your womb. 

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