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A Fiery Hue That’s Right For You


Red is an incredibly bold colour to wear. Wearing this fiery hue can affect everything, from how people perceive themselves to how you perform at work.

Before you scoff and say “oh no, red is not for us,” hear us out. From scarlet and sangria to auburn and ginger, there’s a fiery hue that’s right for everyone, all you have to do is figure out your skin’s undertone and use that as a guide.

If you have a tan complexion, then you should stick to saturated shades of red. Scarlet hues complement olive skin and orangey red goes well with fair skin. You can go for a fancy yellow accessory or head-to-toe in the bright bold hue. Behold eight ways to rock the most influential colour in the style spectrum:

  1. In olden times, red was considered as a colour that was way-too-sexy and attention-grabbing, women who didn’t wish to be deemed indecent refrained from going for this bold colour. These days, however, that fashion rule has been broken, there are tons of high-style red outfits that are perfectly acceptable as formal wear, as spotted on runways and red carpets, where models and celebrities wearing red look elegant and classy, as opposed to tawdry. When wearing red, go for sheer or knitted fabrics, instead of stuff that is too silken or shiny. Also, keep your embellishments to a bare minimum, the simpler your red the chicer you look.
  1. If there’s a red shade, a fiery hue, you absolutely love but doesn’t complement your skin tone, wear it on the bottom. “A pair of red jeans with a muted top looks great. Or you could let it peek out of a blazer or jacket for a more dressed up look,” says Saman Javed, fashion analyst at
  1. Make an offbeat jazzy red look uber-chic by pairing it up with colours like navy blue, black, or white.
  1. Go solid with red. Pair up a deep red top with tan crop pants and golden flats and be sure to hit a high fashion note. Wearing gold accessories will add an extra zing to your style.
  1. Whoever says that a clutch is only to be carried at night time is wrong. A clutch is the best arm accessory for you when you want to transition from a day to night look. Carry a bright red box clutch and be the epitome of chic whatever time of the day it may be.
  1. Don’t want to wear red clothes? Sure. Why don’t you go for red nail and lip colour instead? Red nail and lip ooze sex appeal left right and centre. Be it getting ready for work or a black tie event, you can never go wrong with a red lip.
  1. For a more grown up and matured look, maroon is your best bet. We are at no point suggesting that grown-ups should steer clear of bright red, but if you want a relatively subtle look then toned down shades of this hue will be just right for you.
  1. A pair of bright red stilettos will instantly lift your outfit’s ante. Put on a pair of red shoes with an outfit that is either neutral or consists of complementary colours and be sure to make a strong style statement.

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