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A Lipstick Addict Must Have- Revlon Lip Butters

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revlon colorburst lip butter 300x200 A Lipstick Addict Must Have  Revlon Lip ButtersThey’re fun… they come in cute colored packaging and every makeup addict needs to have them in their stash. Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters have been raved about all over the beauty community for their richly pigmented, ultra-hydrating lip color. Think of it as merging a lip balm with a lipstick and you get a Lip Butter. These can polish up any makeup look without being high- maintenance. What I love about these is that you can glide them on without a mirror, they apply smoothly and evenly without bleeding past the lip line.

Shade Selection:

The Revlon Lip Butters are available in a vast selection of colors, so you can find exactly what shade you’re looking for. From peachy-nudes, hot pinks to deep reds, you’ll fall in love with these!

  • Tutti Frutti –Sheer Coral
  • Cupcake – Light Pink With A Blue-Base.
  • Cotton Candy – Pale Pink With Gold Shimmer
  • Gumdrop – Shimmery Lilac
  • Berry Smoothie – Medium Fuchsia Pink
  • Cherry Tart – Sheer Warm RedRevlon Lip Butters 1 300x300 A Lipstick Addict Must Have  Revlon Lip Butters
  • Lollipop – Bright Fuchsia
  • Strawberry Shortcake – Medium Rosy Pink
  • Creme Brulee – Light Peachy-Nude
  • Peach Parfait – Peach With Gold Shimmer
  • Pink Truffle – Muted Rose
  • Red Velvet – Deep Brick Red
  • Sugar Plum – Medium Plum-Pink
  • Creamsicle – Peachy-Nude
  • Brown Sugar – Pale Rosy Pink
  • Fig Jam – Deep Brown
  • Sugar Frosting – Beige With Shimmer
  • Candy Apple – Orange Tone Red
  • Raspberry Pie – Pink Tone Magenta

Why Lip Butters Are Raved?

1d481e6e8d84e64139acc37c133ce176 300x300 A Lipstick Addict Must Have  Revlon Lip Butters There are a few reasons why these have been talked about. The first is the texture of these lipsticks, they are very soft and easy to apply…you can get away with wearing this without a mirror near you. The colors work wonderfully on any skin tone since most of the shades are very neutral.

For the bright lip color lover- these highly saturated lip colors apply wonderfully on the lips in just a single coat. The color pay off is simply amazing- you only need  a light hand.

Lip Indulgence

Another reason why these are so raved is the color selection, with about 20 shades you’ll fall in love with these. Some vibrant shades to note are Lollipop, Raspberry Pie, Berry Smoothie and Cherry Tart. From hot pinks to plums, these will give your lips a luxurious effect. ColorBurst.LipButter.Range  349x295 300x253 A Lipstick Addict Must Have  Revlon Lip ButtersNot all of the lipsticks are formulated the same way, while some have shimmer others have a sheer effect. The finish of these lipsticks are on the glossy-side. They do not feel tacky or sticky on the lips and it won’t evaporate lip balms tend to do so.

The formula contains mango, shea butter and coconut butter which aids in hydrating the lips. There is no scent or flavor to these which is ideal for most since some sweet scents are off-putting.

Chic Packaging

The packaging is utterly gorgeous. If you pull this lipstick out for touch-ups, it screams glam. The sheer plastic case is identically color matched to the actual lipstick color, something I wish all lipstick companies would do. It makes it easier to find the color you’re looking for in your makeup stash. The caps are all clear so you can easily view how much quantity is left.

The downside to these Lip Butters is that these do melt if you aren’t careful. Especially in the heat, you want to throw these in the fridge if you are planning on carrying them in your bag. Leaving them in a cooler temperature will prevent the soft lipsticks from swishing when you are ready to apply.

Overall I absolutely love these for everyday wear. The Revlon Lip Butters are priced at 1,120rs. You can find these at any super market where Revlon is available including Naheed’s, EBCO, Farid’s and Agha’s.


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