A Look At The Evergreen Marina Khan

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With a cheerful disposition in addition to a charismatic personality, there is so much to be said and loved about Marina Khan. Many people remember her from the golden era of PTV dramas, some recognize her as the host of Marina Mornings, whilst others follow her directed dramas enthusiastically.

So who is Marina Khan exactly and what is she up to nowadays? Lets start with a little background information about her as well as her career.

Marina Khan 1 A Look At The Evergreen Marina Khan

Marina was born in 1962, to an English mother and a Pakistani father. Acting or joining the entertainment industry was not a childhood dream for Marina.

This rather happened suddenly as she was spotted by Shehzad Khalil during a shooting of Jungle. Marina was accompanying her friend who was part of the cast and thus she was offered her very first role in a play, Rashid Minhas Shaheed, which was to be directed by Shehzad Khalil.

Thus began Marina’s successful journey in to the world of television.

Her tremendous success however came with her third drama,Tanhaiyyan. Her other well-known drama, Dhoop Kinare also helped her gain even more exposure, fame and fans from many places. Even though Marina Khan could not speak Urdu fluently yet the extra hours she put into learning her script was what ensured brilliant performances on her part.

Marina Khan 3 A Look At The Evergreen Marina KhanWith around twenty dramas to her credit, it is no wonder that Marina Khan is a widely acclaimed personality in Pakistan, many people used to watch dramas just because she was part of the cast. This is because her earlier performances in dramas had kept viewers glued to their screens. Pakistanis everywhere speak fondly of “Saniya“, Marina’s character in Tanhaiyyan because of the way she managed to win the hearts of so many people with her natural acting, dialog delivery and facial expressions.

Marina Khan also hosted her very own morning show, Marina Mornings, for some time on ARY. This show was very popular with regards to the celebrities that were invited by Marina including some of her her co-stars from Tanhaiyyan , Dhoop Kinare etc.

mainissue A Look At The Evergreen Marina KhanWith regards to dramas, not only has Marina acted in them but she has also turned to directing dramas for some years now. Her first project as a director was PTV ’s Tum Hii Toh Ho. Since then, she has directed about ten more projects including the four seasons of the hit comedy series, Kis Ki Ayegi Barat, that took Pakistan by storm. She also directed the sequel to Tanhaiyyan by the name of Tanhaiyyan Naye Silsilay. This saw a return of the majority of the original cast of Tanhaiyyan working together in the sequel.

An avid animal lover, Marina is the goodwill representative of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). She is also the co-founder of Fat Cat Productions in Karachi as well as a Co-founder and Director of Animal House Productions in conjunction with her husband, Jaleel Akhtar.

With so many achievements through out the years, Marina Khan is definitely one of the most evergreen and talented personalities of Pakistan. This is reflected in her work both as an actress, TV host and director. 

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