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How a Pakistani Mother Spends Her Day

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How Pakistani Mother Spends Her Day

It is morning! 6 o clock! The alarms in your brain go trrrrring … wake up the kids, it’s time for school, but before that you have got a lot to do! You’re up in a blink, and hurry towards the kitchen after a few splashes of water over the sink, the Pan on stove and a pot for tea; you have your face in the fridge simultaneously. Your son likes his egg boiled and a toast, the left-over of which you later devour and daughter with dad will love it if you make, nanny’s perfect recipe of honey and pancake.

It’s 6 45, the breakfast is ready; the kids hear your footsteps and curl up holding their teddy. A tug at the blanket and few words of warning, they now get brushing, combing and dressing up like every morning. You keep a check as the breakfast plates get empty; alongside you fill the lunch boxes of each with a sandwich and a candy. ‘BEEP-PEEP’ it’s the driver honking in the compounds parking! Water bottles and bags in hand you rush the children into the school van. Dad is up dressed and you give him the car keys along with a long list of groceries. But that’s not the end of the day for a Pakistani mother.

With quick wipes over the counter and rubbish in dustbin, you decide it to be the children’s rooms from where the sweeping begins, one of the important duties of a Pakistani mother. As usual, a quarter of a butter cookie is found under your son’s bed and an empty pack of chips from the last evenings snack. Mopping away, kitchen, bedrooms, drawing room and bath you start thinking, ‘What should I cook for lunch? Maybe Chinese rice and a fruit tart?’

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You’re done cooking and the clock ticks 2, the kid’s are home, Goodness! The time just flew!  Listening to their stories one at a time, you hurl them into the bath, ridding off what you call the ‘school-grime’. Gulping down lunch, after that, you sit down with your children and their homework, science, English and a little bit of math, another of those tough duties for a Pakistani mother.

Its afternoon and you take a quick nap, 7 p.m. the door bell rings and dad is back. You serve him tea with some home made cookies. Watching TV until its nine you get up to set the dinner table, as its time! Uniforms ironed, shoes polished, bags ready, the kid’s fed and prayers said, it is 11pm and they should be put to bed. Alas! Another day for  Pakistani mother ends, extremely exhausting; you wait for the 6 ‘O’ clock alarm of the next day’s morning!


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