A Review of Armaan (2013)

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I always used to love the Tarang commercials on TV. Especially the glamorous costumes and the catchy songs to which various actors/actresses performed made me wish that our Pakistani movies were as glitzy as these Tarang Ads.

Looks like Tarang heard my thoughts and came out with not one, not two but six films under the Houseful banner, each one having a story-line and specialty of its own.

This review will be covering “Armaan” which is a remake of an old Pakistani movie of the same name that featured Waheed Murad and Zeba.

Just like the original, this remake has the most sought after actor/ actress of the entertainment industry, Fawad Khan and Amina Sheikh starring  as the lead pair.

Story Line

69263 465379760197450 526043605 n 300x300 A Review of Armaan (2013) There have been lots of movies with this kind of story line but I think Armaan  was great in the sense that it didn’t have cheesy lines or lame jokes. I had no idea what will happen next and that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Questions like will Fawad and Amina are together finally? Will Amina’s mother cause any problem? What about the grandfather, will he agree?

I knew deep down they would obviously end up together, but would it be easier for them or would their lives uncountable twists and turns? Thankfully the end was not torturing unlike some movies where you have to watch for so long and at the end, the movie falls flat.


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The biggest surprise of this movie has been the acting. With Fawad Khan, I knew he would deliver but I wasn’t so sure of how his chemistry with Amina Sheikh would be like.

Well, all I can say is Amina truly blew me away with her acting and facial expressions. She and Fawad made a great couple and I enjoyed watching them together.

The rest of the actors also performed very well especially Vasay Choudhry who provided comic relief. I was surprised to find out that he was the writer behind this film.


I cringed at the sight of Fawad in yellow when he first meets Amina. Why no one recommend a costume change surprised me.

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Apart from that, his clothes in the rest of the movie were good. I loved how they gave him a new look especially his hairstyle. It suited the character he was portraying.

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Our heroine, Amina, looked stunning the whole time. I loved all her costumes. Her hairstyle flattered her and her makeup was flawless.

Music/ Choreography

There were three songs in this movie. The first one in which Fawad spies Amina for the first time, Ko ko korina, was a remake of the original song. Apparently, the remake was sung by Neeraj Shredhar and Sunidhi Chauhan. Why they didn’t use Pakistani singers (except for Rahat Fateh Ali), I have no idea .

The choreography was okay but the camera movement throughout the song was too fast and all the bright colors were too distracting.

524806 498588220176727 794783706 n 300x225 A Review of Armaan (2013)

The other song that I loved was Akele na jana by Shreya Ghoshal (again another indian singer). Amina looked so pretty playing the piano as you can see below.

PicMonkey Collage3 300x150 A Review of Armaan (2013)

Final Thoughts

Armaan is over two hours but not once did I feel bored and neither did the story seem to drag. It was a nice love story with very witty lines and it wasn’t too predictable.

I think Armaan has what it takes to be remembered as a great film.

If Pakistani movies started adopting this kind of format, screenplay and acting, then there might be a brighter future for our movies, but for now I recommend this to everyone who loves a good romance comedy. 

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