A Review of the Dark, Deep Drama- Sannata

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Sannata  is not your average Pakistani drama. In fact, the first couple of seconds into the first episode, you start to realise that there will be nothing predictable or clichéd about this drama and that is what makes Sannata (meaning silence) so different from all the other dramas on air at the moment.

To be honest, Sannata is not for those looking for a romantic comedy or those expecting a usual Pakistani melodrama because this is a different kind of drama altogether and I will try to explain why.

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Sannata’s first episode begins with an eerie scene, where viewers are introduced to the characters, albeit indirectly and in such a way that they keep thinking how each character is related to the other. Apart from Saba Qamar who seems to be reminiscing, five other females are shown.

Here we get to know that one of these women, Husna (played by Sajjal Ali), is the black sheep amongst the lot and not allowed to enter the home because of an unpardonable act that had destroyed the life of her mother, Apa Bi played by (Samina Ahmed).

Husna’s older sister, Salma (played by Nadia Afghan) has a daughter Ruqaiyya who is shown as a a kind hearted girl. Naseeban (played by Nargis Rashid) is the maid of the family and a secret well-wisher of Husna.

Into this dark, secluded world enters Husna’s daughter, whilst Husna herself dies during labour. The newborn is brought into the home but Apa Bi does not want to keep the baby. Ruqayya then goes against the commands of her grandmother and brings up Pari (her cousin) as her own.

Sannata shows the bond between Pari and Ruqaiyya which is so strong as Pari has no one else to look up to. Their bond is tested with the arrival of other people into the scene notably Azam  (played by Danish Taimoor) as well as other characters.

Life was never a bed of roses for the women of that home but as time pass and Pari grows, more storms threaten to sink their frail lives and shatter their relationships.

Sannata is not every ones cup of tea but if you find out-of-the box kind of story-lines, intense dialogues and dark scenes interesting, then do try to watch this drama every Thursday at 8 pm on ARY Digital.

Catch up on previous episodes of Sannata as well as other Pakistani dramas on-line on any of the websites mentioned here

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