A timeless love story: Sadqay Tumhare


The drama, Sadqay Tumhare is ideally for the people who believe in love and have experienced being in love can totally relate to this drama serial, and that obviously means…every second person! It takes us back to the era of the 1970’s  and portrays the serene scenes of a rural life where life was sweet and simple.

VJ turned actor, Adnan Malik (as Khalil), made a début in this drama by playing a fantastic role in Khalil-ur-Rehman’s autobiographical screenplay.

s3 A timeless love story: Sadqay Tumhare

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With the talented cast that includes Mahira Khan (Shanno) and Samiya Mumtaz (as Shanno’s mother) is sure to watch drama every Friday night. The story basically revolves around two love birds who get engaged while they are children, but Khalil had no idea after 10 years how Shano has turned out to be in such a long time. Moving ahead, Khalil eventually starts showing interest in Shanno, but the problem comes when Shanno’s parents (especially her mother) are extremely against the match.

Its true that with the good comes the bad. However, even after 14 episodes have passed, the drama hasn’t gained the tempo yet to keep the audience hooked on to know what happens next. It’s just continuing without a climax that drives the story further.

Moreover, Sadqay Tumhare seems to be inspired by the Indian pattern of dramas, where one incident leads to another, episode after episode, but the story basically remains still.

scene1 A timeless love story: Sadqay Tumhare

Credits: Dawn.com

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar is no doubt a talented writer and manages to keep the serial interesting through the strong cast and dialogues.The fact is that Pakistan has urbanised so quickly, that it was difficult to find locations that would do justice to what Khalil Sahab had written.

In many circumstances, we see deviation in the representation of family behaviour itself, which seems culturally ignorant. Khalil is seen barging into Shanno’s house at his own will even though he clearly knows that Shannos parents are against this. Not only that, but he even spends time alone in her room helping her resolve some maths questions while her family helplessly wait downstairs.

In another incident, we see how Amin Khalu allows her wife to sit with her ex-fiancé, Abdul Rehman.  None of these trends are followed in the conservative Punjabi culture or Pakistani families.

Undoubtedly slow and detailed this drama is, we must admit that it has its own world. Even though it has its flaws, this drama provides great entertainment and should be on everyone’s watch list. 

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