A tribute to the legendary lovers of subcontinent


What is true love? Do you believe in love at first sight? The idea of celebrating the feeling of care and affection among the loved ones is a universal reality. Every belief or religion has been based upon the teaching of peace and love. Numerous stories have been penned down for centuries to either exhibit or exploit the message of this tender emotion. Some of such real stories are mentioned below:

Sohni and Mahiwal:

 A tribute to the legendary lovers of subcontinent

The interwoven relationship between the picturesque Sohni and the cowherd Mahiwal has been dated back to eighteenth century. Sohni was the daughter of a potter who invited a young aristocrat named Izzat Beg from Bukhara. The day they both fell in love was when Izzat Beg was carrying the most expensive piece of bowl to the potter and saw his daughter painting pots. The bowl fell down shattering into several pieces immortalizing their first glimpses of love. Izzat Beg not only fell in love but also lost his aristocracy because he was idling his time away in the thoughts and memories of the beautiful Sohni. He finally started looking after cattle and turned into a cowherd hence being called, the Mahiwal. Sohni’s father married her to another man but she continued loving Izzat Beg. Sohni used to cross the river Chenab to meet her lover clandestinely. Legend says that they were both drowned by an unlikely fierce storm one night.

Heer and Ranjha:

 A tribute to the legendary lovers of subcontinent

Lying silently in the city of Jhang in Punjab, are the two lovers who were victims of hatred. Dido Ranjha was the youngest of the four brothers and was unmarried. He was sent to another village to in need of work and ended up looking after Chuchak’s cattle. Chuchak was Heer’s father. The families of Heer and Ranjha were age old rivals and had no ties with each other. This fact was unknown at this time. Ranjha used to play mesmerizing tunes on flute to the cattle which made Heer fell in love with him and in turn Ranjha fell in love with Heer at the first glimpse. For many years, the two lovers met each other secretly but were finally exposed by their parents. Heer had to marry someone else against her will and our heart broken hero turned into a Yogi and wandered the streets around Punjab reciting verses of God’s name. He ended up in the village named Kher where an un-named bond brought them together. Heer left her husband’s home and came back to her home town, where their marriage was arranged. The rivalries were forgotten and everything was fine, when Heer’s uncle poisoned her to avoid the wedding. Heer died in the arms of her lover and this grief killed Ranjha too.

Emperor Shah Jahan and Queen Mumtaz Mahal

shah jahan and mumtaz mahal A tribute to the legendary lovers of subcontinent

The love story of the world’s most famous historical muslim couple is unknown to none. This story lead to the construction of one of the wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal. Arjumand Banu was given the title of Mumtaz Mahal by Shah Jahan which meant “beloved ornament of the palace”. Mumtaz Mahal or Arjumand Banu died while giving birth to their 14th child in the early 17th century. The emperor was so badly grieved that he build an extravagant mausoleum for Mumtaz, which stands in Agra, India and is the symbol of eternal love.

Salim and Anarkali:

 A tribute to the legendary lovers of subcontinent

The true and legendary love story of the son of the Mughal emperor and courtesan is known by every lover. Salim fell in love with Anarkali as soon as he saw her. This was unacceptable by the Emperor and uncountable tactics were used to grow them apart from each other. The emperor offered Anarkali all sorts of wealth and asked her to leave but true love was more valuable for her and she refused the offer. The emperor, out of frustration, ordered to imprison Anarkali. As soon as Salim learned about this, he declared a war against his own father. As he could not deal with the unfathomable army of soldiers, arms and ammunitions he was defeated. Anarkali was later entombed in a brick wall in front of Salim.

Sassi Punnhu:

 A tribute to the legendary lovers of subcontinent

Sassi was born to the Raja of Bhambour which is located in the present day Sindh in Pakistan. This Raja had many children but was blessed with only one daughter and she was very beloved. They named her Sassi which meant Moon. Upon her birth the Raja and his wife went to the astrologists to inquire about her fate, but were taken aback by the prophecy he made. He said the daughter would bring disgrace to the parents and family. So the Raja decided that Sassi had to go. Since they could not kill her they put her in a basket and sent it down the river Indus. The beautiful daughter was met by a hard-at-work dhobi. His name was Atta and had no kids of his own. He adopted the child believing it was a blessing of God. She grew out to be a exquisitely beautiful girl. Here beauty was famous in the neighboring villages too. When Punhhu, son of another Raja heard about her he came for her. They both fell in love. Upon knowing about their wedding Punnhu’s family turned fuming. They took Punnhu on their wedding night by excessively intoxicating him with liquor. When Sassi heard the news she ran through the deserts to chase Punnhu but a shepherd attempted to take advantage of her beauty. She called out to the heavens and the ground shook to engulf her. When Punnhu regained his consciousness he ran for Sassi and heard the story from the shepherd. He too called out to the heaven and engulfed by an earthquake. The two mountains still remain together symbolizing eternity.

The charismatic love of the historical time is still widely spread.  We cherish their serene and respectful stories and learn a great deal out of them. But apart from the ethical and religious values, true love is eternal and can never be tempered in any form. Love is how you care for your mother, children and siblings. It is also when you help an old lady cross a road. It is also when you offer gratitude towards your creator for His blessings. It is not necessary to label love stories just between a lady and a man. Love is spread every where around us. We just need to get to appreciate its existence and grab it to get our justified portions. Lets love more! 

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