Abida Parveen awarded in Dubai


Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large, Javed Malik presented an “Ambassador’s Recognition Award”  to Singer Abida Parveen at grand ceremony held in Dubai.

According to Javed Malik, “Sufi poetry symbolizes the Message of Peace, Friendship and Positive human relations which is highly relevant today because it encourages people to overcome their differences and promotes understanding through dialogue.”

He further added that Parveen has created a niche for herself with her unique singing style and expertise in specific music genre.

Abida Parveen has given this specific music genre a charismatic voice. The lady has put immense efforts in promoting her music across the globe with her unique singing style.

Malik further added that Pakistan’s social fabric is rich with poetry, Art, literature and music, a lot more needs to be done to highlight the richness of Pakistani culture to the world.

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of oversees Pakistanis and Indians. The award made the audience fascinated with her unique singing and she also received a standing ovation. 

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