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Achiever Once, Achiever Twice

Just when people thought that girls had done all they had in store, they come up with another show. The least you expect from them and the more they will surprise you. Here we talk about another young achiever who is one of us. Noreen Zafar, 23, a student of Journalism at University of Karachi who has already achieved so much that her success cannot be measured easily.

Her Achievements:

Noreen has been to US twice on scholarships. She received her first scholarship at the tender age of 16. That was the first time she traveled alone across the seven oceans. According to her, travelling alone was the best thing that has ever happened to her. And the idea of doing that made her realize what her strengths and weaknesses were.

According to her, she was frightened at first because of travelling to a country where “Muslims” are usually labeled as terrorists. But, not only did she make American friends but represented Pakistan on various platforms as well.

The First Time:

She, back in 2006, landed at the US for the first time. According to her, her courses were special, mainly consisted of English subjects and literature. She developed interest in journalism from there. She is now studying journalism from one of the most well reputed educational institutions of Pakistan.

The Second Time Around:

She received her second scholarship back in 2012, when she was in the third year of her university. Noreen says, “It was a chance given to me by God to shine again. Shine like never before.”

Around the second time, she got a chance to study what she was studying here, Journalism. She visited the American Press and represented Pakistan there. Only recently, she has been selected as a UGRAD journalist by the US State of Department where her key responsibilities are to cover all the events that are happening here in Pakistan.

She has done various community works as well. “The Project Sunshine” being her latest work where underprivileged children were given free pencils, books and classes for 15 days. She volunteered her services in order to serve the country.

Where She Stands Now:

Noreen is working as a Content Analyst at a private firm right now. Whenever she finds some time, she volunteers her services for community work. She is a doer.  She believes that women have a very important role to play in society. The society needs more contribution from them as they are capable of doing that.

To be able to receive a single scholarship is not an easy task. And when you do it twice, it makes you feel good. That is what she feels; blessed and special. At the age of 23, she has received two scholarships, has been selected as a UGRAD journalist and does community work on regular basis.

What She Had to Say:

“The educational part was not difficult at all. As a matter of fact, the whole educational setup in USA is a lot easier than what we have here. They are more focused on the skills of their students than to make them learn what is written in thick and old books. I mean, books are important but not as the way we use them here in Pakistan”, said Noreen.

She believes in the small things. According to her, if you take inspiration from even the smallest of things, you will end up doing something bigger. 

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