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Add Beauty to Your Home with Stunning Rugs

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Home is a place where we spend the best moments of our lives. For this reason, the
particular place that we live in should represent our sense of style and unique culture. In Pakistan, we absolutely love to decorate our homes with beautiful rugs that are placed strategically in to enhance the décor and bring out the house’s exuberance.


rug3 Add Beauty to Your Home with Stunning Rugs1. It Should Be Easy To Maintain

Whenever choosing a rug for your home, it is always a good idea to find one that is easy to maintain and can be cleaned without hassle with the help of a vacuum cleaner or even a carpet brush.  You should also make sure that the rug is washable with minimum chance of its colors fading after a certain number of washes.

2. The Material Should be Durable

rug2 Add Beauty to Your Home with Stunning RugsFloor rugs are made of a variety of materials such as sisal, jute and sea grass. The best thing about them is that they are long lasting, easy to clean and highly affordable. Before you select the rug that you want to purchase for your home, it is essential that you think about the type of flooring that you will be placing the rug on. If you have tiles, then you must find something that matches the tiles and goes well with them. For people who have hardwood floors, it is imperative to consider the texture of the rug.  Placing the rug correctly can make the room appear larger in size.

3. Browse Around to Find a Rug That Fits Your Needs and Budget

rug1 Add Beauty to Your Home with Stunning RugsWhen you are purchasing a rug for your home, you should visit a number of shops and look through the different designs they have. The most popular shades in rugs among Pakistani buyers are maroons, browns, reds and golden.  If you have never purchased a rug before, you can get the store clerks to help you decide which rug will be best suited to your home. They can assist you in finding the rug that sits well with your taste, requirement and budget.

Make sure that the rug you select does not have a busy design. Instead, opt for a simpler design so that you can add more accessories to the room in order to match the surroundings. When you are placing the rug, try to put it in a variety of locations to see which part of the room it looks best in, such as the center of the room, near the staircase, under the table or in a particular corner. Do not purchase a large-size rug, especially if you have invested in good quality flooring. A medium-size rug is a better option to complement the flooring and décor of the room.

When you purchase a rug make sure it adds value to your home and adds to the magnificence of your Pakistani residence.


There are numerous types of rugs that can be purchased from different bazaars and famous carpet stores throughout Pakistan. Some of the famous outlets dealing in rugs include:

- Al-Rug in (Lahore)
- Samina’s Superior Rugs (Karachi)
- Handmade Oriental Rugs  (Karachi)
- Pasha’s  Rugs and Carpets(Tariq Road, Karachi)
- Afghan Carpet (KHI- PWR-ISB) 

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