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Add Some Color To Your Lash Line

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MG 1913 300x126 Add Some Color To Your Lash Line

Summer is officially in full swing! It’s easy to switch out your wardrobe for something light and comfortable to skip the sweat and dreaded heat of Pakistan. The same method of switching out our wardrobe needs to be applied on our makeup. When the Summer time season comes around, my makeup goes under appreciated. When I hardly wear any makeup, I try to stick to the essentials just to brighten up my complexion. With the dreaded heat, less is more.

Keep your makeup light and natural to let your skin breathe easily and also to prevent breakouts. I always go for a flawless face (preferably a tinted moisturizer) paired with a simple eye look. Wearing little makeup as possible is preferred, the best way to liven up your look is by focusing on your eyes. Lipsticks and blushes tend to fade through the day since the sweat and humidity, so the eyes are the one area I can easily get away with playing up.

MG 1919 300x199 Add Some Color To Your Lash Line

Bright and Bold Liners

Statement eyeliner has been a beauty trend for generations, using mostly shades of navy blue and forest greens back in the day. Now with so many makeup brands coming out with a variety of shades, you can find a number of hues to match your outfit or even your mood!

Bright colored eyeliners are just the trick to giving your look more vibrancy. Bright shades of sea green, teals, corals and plum work fantastically on the lower lash line for a gorgeous pop of color.

Bright sky blue hues are perfect for the summer season paired with a black liquid liner on the top lash line. A felt tip liquid liner is the ideal type of liner to create a subtle wing. The vibrancy of an electric blue liner is perfect for brown eyed girls. Any bright hue will naturally compliment brown eyes since it creates a color contrast.

Tip: Never skip out on wearing black or brown eyeliner on the top lash line since it’s the best way to emphasize your natural eye shape. If you want to go for a softer look, choose a deep shade of navy blue or deep hunter green can work as a replacement.

Never Look Tired Again!

Since we generally have less time to spend in the morning with our makeup, keeping it easy and quick is the best way to go about doing your makeup. When you’re heading off to college or office in the morning, you can find that the best way to awaken tired eyes is with a bright white or skin-tone nude liner. If you’re lacking sleep, tired eyes give off a dull appearance. By using and applying a bright white or tan shade of eyeliner can easily whiten your eyes. Rimming your lower waterline can create an appearance of a wide-eyed effect.

Tip: Choose to extend your eye line in a winged shape to add a statement appeal to your eye look.

Using waterproof eyeliners is highly recommended to prevent smudging and smearing on your lower lash line. If you fear your eyeliner smudging even with a waterproof formula, you can set your creamy eyeliner with a matching eye shadow. Use a small eyeshadow brush with the powder shadow, press it into the eyeliner to take away any excess moisture. Similar to the way we set our foundation with a setting powder, preventing the foundation from slipping off our skin due to oil and sweat.

MG 1914 300x199 Add Some Color To Your Lash Line

Stay Cool this Summer with our Top Picks for Color Eyeliners:

  • Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal (795rs)
  • Essence Long-Lasting Eye Pencil (230rs)
  • Essence Kajal Eye Pencil (155rs)
  • Catrice Khol Kajal (370Rs)
  • Avon Glimmersticks (800rs)
  • Christine Eye Liner Pencil (70rs)


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