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Add Some Color With Artel!

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Artel by Bina Ali was established in 1995 and since then, it has provided intricately painted home décor accessories, crockery, jewelry and furniture. I remember when I first came across Artel at a cultural fair. I bought a pair of short hand-painted earrings and since then I have been hooked to Artel. The patterns of swirls and triangles are so signature of her style that you cannot be in any doubt that this is an Artel product. Read on for our tips on how to add a bit of color and fun to your home!


wall hangings artel Add Some Color With Artel!Artel’s wall hanging incorporate terracotta tiles, dyed jute string and glass beads. The terracotta tiles are beautifully painted with swirls and geometric shapes. The wall hanging can dull up any empty corner in your wall and will have everyone asking where you got it. I personally own one myself and against the blue wall, it looks so pretty. The best part about ARTEL is that you can have the colors customized to suit your theme.


Having people over for a casual get-together?crockery artel bina ali1 Add Some Color With Artel!Then serve the food in these colorful platters that will up the oomph in your casual lunch. Chips and nuts will have a new lease on life sitting pretty in these bowls or you can always serve chicken skewers on these colorful platters. Salad vegetables will look delightful in these containers so add some life to your brunch or late afternoon tea.


1470194 10153585571375525 1650455913 n Add Some Color With Artel!A large terracotta inlay mirror or a decoration table is all you need to add some interest and character to a room. Putting up mirrors in a small room gives the illusion of space and with the handcrafted wooden frames it adds a pretty rustic look to your space. Reflect the colors in the tiles in other accessories around the room and you are sure to have everyone praising your aesthetic sense.


Photos, courtesy of Artel by Bina Ali.

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