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Add some Scandal to your eyes!

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Mascaras make a world of difference for any eye shape. Mascara is the perfect one-step eye makeup application that creates a wide-eyed effect. For some women, applying mascara is just one of the many morning rituals. By elongating and defining your lashes with a high quality mascara, you can’t really go wrong with your eye makeup.

Mascaras come in a variety of different formulas and wand applicators which hand-in-hand creates the perfect combination for voluptuous lashes. Some wands are thin and long while others have dense and wide bristles. Lengthening mascaras give you full flirty lashes with just a single coat, thicker wands can give your lashes tons of volume. With so many mascaras to choose from, it can be trivial to find what works best for your lashes. Some mascaras will lengthen your lashes for definition and others can create dramatic thicker lashes.

MG 0130 300x199 Add some Scandal to your eyes!

Quite often it’s the mascara wand that gives different results. In my opinion, no matter what formula your mascara is the wand creates the desired lashes. Choosing the right mascara wand will help lengthen and volumize your lashes without clumping. The Rimmel London Scandaleyes mascara is the perfect consistency formula for volume and length. The brush is gigantic, it is literally the size of my eyeball if not bigger. The wand bristles is dense and will catch each lash with precision without clumping. Thicker applicators are meant to create tons of volume on your lashes.

For smaller eyes, choose to apply mascara carefully since the huge brush can end up hitting your eyelid causing the product to smear all over. A simple trick to prevent the mascara from hitting your eyelid is to hold a business card against your lid while applying your mascara.

MG 0131 300x199 Add some Scandal to your eyes!

However annoying the brush is, the formula is amazing. It’s not too wet that it takes forever to dry, it’s the ideal consistency to create volume. A trick that I learned to get the most out of this mascara is by applying a single coat, then wait for it to dry then carry on with a second coat. After the first coat dries, this will also reduce mascara clumping all over your lashes. The second coat will create voluminous looking lashes with lots of length. The special thick wand adds to building up volume since the bristles are dense enough to coat each eyelash while separating them. Make sure you don’t apply too much mascara on your lashes, removing the excess product from the wand will prevent spider looking lashes.

The mascara wears comfortably all day without flaking or smudging on the lower lash line. The formula keeps the lashes flexible and soft throughout the day. Consider curling your lashes before applying mascara. Since my lashes stick straight down naturally, I always have to give them a good curl before applying any mascara. Some eye shapes can benefit from a good curl if your lashes don’t have a natural curl. Once my lashes are curled I apply mascara on my lower lashes first then carry on to my top lashes. This prevents the mascara from smudging on my eyelid.

For fuller and thicker eyelashes the new Scandaleyes mascara by Rimmel London is a must have. The packaging comes in a bright chunky orange tube that makes it easy to locate in your makeup drawer. I prefer a bright colored tube since it makes it easier to find. No matter how many coats of mascara you apply, the Scandaleyes mascara will not clump on your lashes or create spidery lashes. The mascara lengthens and defines the lashes and hold up a curl very nicely.

The Scandaleyes mascara by Rimmel London is available all across Pakistan, priced at 850PKR.


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