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All You Need to Know When Choosing a Pet!

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –  Anatole France.

Animal lovers are the most hopeless of people and yet the most interesting. They have an affiliation with animals more than they do with human beings and indeed it is an endearing trait.

petlove All You Need to Know When Choosing a Pet!They know what it means when an animal completely and wholly trusts them. Taking care of an animal is just like taking care of a child. Many might disagree, but that is actually true. Just like a child, an animal is completely dependent on you. Pets keep you company when no one else is around and are actually grateful for everything that you do for them.



 All You Need to Know When Choosing a Pet!There are a number of things you need to know if you plan to keep a pet.  Many might tell you that pets need to be fed, bathed and cleaned after, which is a very big hassle. However, the most important thing to know is that animals like humans need love and affection. Pets need to be cherished. Animals in their natural habitat can hunt for food, they can find shelter, and they to some extent clean after themselves too. The whole concept of keeping a pet is to give another being love and affection not because it is a responsibility, but because you WANT to.


 All You Need to Know When Choosing a Pet!Having a pet will mean a lot of sacrifices on your part. NO PLACE would remain “personal space” because let’s be honest, a pet is NOT going to understand the concept. Accept this fact first and foremost. Cats for example want to cuddle on your bed with you when their mood desires, they want to climb on counters and often snuggle inside your closet amidst your clothes. With dogs, it is relatively easy to set boundaries. They are obedient and would rather die than disobey a direct order. So, when choosing a pet, keep your patience level in mind. Do not get frustrated and propagate negative emotions towards your pet. Animals are instinctive creatures and something that might not seem a big deal to you could affect them deeply.


 All You Need to Know When Choosing a Pet!Make sure that you know ALL about the kind of animal you intend to keep as a pet. Do background study and research a bit before you make a choice. The concept that one must be either a cat or a dog person ONLY is wrong. You can be both and both species can co-exist easily too. It is mandatory that you read about the dietary grooming and medical needs. Do not compromise on any vaccinations as this can be harmful not just for your pet but also for you. Make sure that you assign regular meal times and that their water bowl is always full.


woman hugging dog All You Need to Know When Choosing a Pet!Lastly, spend quality time with your pets as they need your company and attention as much as they need your care and affection. Always treat them like a companion and never as property. Play with them for a while, pat them and in case of dogs and cats, cuddle them close. Animals have certain senses and close physical contact enables them to form a deeper bond with their companion.


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