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Amazing Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera

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As an all around practical plant, the Aloe Vera has been used for centuries for various health and beauty regimens. We can date back to Cleopatra who used Aloe Vera on her body for hydrating and anti-aging her skin.

The plant has numerous benefits when applied onto the skin, with its antiseptic benefits it can help with skin bacteria including acne and psoriasis. Not to mention how affordable and convenient it is to purchase your own Aloe Vera plant. A stem alone can last you weeks! Forget spending tons of money on skincare and go for an all-natural regimen with Aloe Vera. We have a few basic uses to help curb your beauty issues.

How to Use

Aloe Vera Benefits Amazing Beauty Benefits of Aloe VeraLet’s first start off by mentioning the best aspect about the Aloe Vera plant (besides its use of course!). The stem has natural healing properties so when you cut the plant, you can preserve it since it creates a hard barrier leaving the gel inside to stay fresh. Cut the plant from the root and slice a small portion of the stem, store the rest in a plastic bag for later use. Once you cut a small portion, slice it down the middle to use the gel directly onto your skin.

Acne Control

Acne Amazing Beauty Benefits of Aloe VeraWith its soothing properties, you can treat an outbreak of acne and prevent any pimples from occurring. You can improve the breakouts in about a week. Apply the gel on the area twice a day, letting it dry up. Although a week’s time is quite long when it comes to breakouts, you can use it as a preventative treatment.


In-Shower Exfoliant

Aloe Vera 3 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Aloe VeraYour skin can greatly benefit from exfoliating dead skin cells to reveal healthy, nourished skin. Slice a 2-3 inch portion and split it down the middle. Use the most inner part of the leaf as a natural body scrub. Rub it across your arms and legs and wash off with warm water, follow up with your shower gel. You can also add sugar for a rougher exfoliant.

Heated Mishaps

Aloe Vera 2 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Aloe VeraIf you’ve gotten burned or accidentally touched a hot metal utensil, you can treat it using aloe vera gel. Its ideal to extract the gel from the plant and keep it in your fridge for easy use. The cooling sensation will help treat and heal the burn from causing any scars and to soothe the burn. Another way to use the chilled aloe vera is to heal sunburns. Apply it all over the affected area to treat it.

Treat Stretch Marks

Strech marks Amazing Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera

If you’re a mom-to-be, pregnancy stretch marks are your biggest enemy. You can prevent and help heal any scaring with the gel’s essential nutrients and active compounds. Treat and get rid of any unbearable stretch marks by applying the gel onto the area and leave it on until it dries, apply this daily or even twice a day depending on how severe your scaring is.

Softer Feet

Feet Amazing Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera

If you suffer from dull and chapped heals and feet, mix a bit of aloe vera into your body lotion. The gel will help hydrate the skin causing any cracked or discomfort to repair. The aloe gel will absorb really quickly into the skin without leaving behind a greasy texture.



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