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Apply lipstick the right way!


Lipstick army 200x300 Apply lipstick the right way!

It may seem easy and simple to use a lipstick. But the reality is that our lips are the center of attention on our face. Certainly you don’t want to create a mess on your teeth or buy a lipstick which isn’t long-wearing.


Lips are one of our most sexiest body part and they can play in your favor or against you. It’s brightness, color and texture are essential to make them look good. Lipsticks are ideal to highlight our lips. The next time you decide to pick up your favorite lipstick, don’t miss out on our tips to make sure your lip color application is to perfection.

Get your face ready

Not only before applying lipstick but any type of makeup, you must prepare your face carefully by washing and removing impurities. A good way to do this is by using a cleanser and then a little scrub. Apply these in a circular motion if necessary for a deep cleanse. There are specific lip-exfoliating products which can help prepare your lips before putting on your lipstick.

Apply Foundation or Concealer 

Yes, you can apply a thin layer of foundation or concealer on your lips to conceal any discoloration or pigmentation. This allows your lipstick to look brighter and richer in color. This is a good way to prepare them before applying lipstick and to create a smooth surface.


It is advisable to define and enhance the contours of your lips with a lip liner in a natural tone 8885422373 8881edf841 o 300x171 Apply lipstick the right way!or that has the same color as your lips. Usually, when using lip liner we tend to use one that matches our lipstick instead of our natural lip tone. This gives us the dreaded “colored line” which doesn’t last long and fades away after prolong lipcolor wear. To avoid that line of color, you must choose a liner which matches the color of your lips perfectly. Not only should you line your natural lip line but fill them with the lip liner in for the longest, richest lipstick application. Besides defining our lips, a lip liner can give your lips the appearance of looking fuller or thinner.

Apply the Lipstick

Now let’s get to the fun part! Choose a lipstick that you truly love which also applies well on your face and flatters your outfit. It’s advisable to apply lipstick with a lip brush to achieve more precise edges. Be sure to start in the middle of the mouth and then to each corner.

Dry Lips

Apply a paper towel to dry the lips, this is an essential step that you can’t miss. This helps to remove any excess lipstick moisture and makes it last longer. Just take a paper towelRed lipstick photo by weglet 300x260 Apply lipstick the right way!
or napkin and place it in between your lips then press them against it. You will see how quickly it removes excess lipstick!

While these steps may seem silly and simple, these tips can actually assure your lipstick will stay on much longer and look ultra sultry to perfection.

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