Are you a couch potato?


Give your daily routine a thorough evaluation. How much time do you give to exercise? I’m not particularly referring to lifting weights or barbells. Generally speaking, do you find yourself in front of the idiot box (TV) too often and when bored with its idiocy you switch to your laptop?  After checking your mails and logging into a social networking site you quickly descend to boredom and revert back to the idiot box. You know each irritating advertisement on TV and actually fall asleep in front of it. Suddenly you’re jolted awake, lose interest in TV and wonder why you even bothered to switch it on in the first place despite watching two back to back movies. Ah! My trustee laptop…and the cycle continues. What about those mortals who work constantly and can only be found in front of a laptop? The only bit of exercise they fit in is stretching! Do you feel your bones cracking? Have you experienced loss of energy for no apparent reason? Have you become more irritable and suffer from “brain fog”? Do you feel a weakening of your muscles? Do you feel lethargic all the time or get fatigued easily? Do you suffer from inconsolable back pains? If your answer to most of the above questions is yes and you can relate to the lifestyle portrayed above then alas! Hate to be the bearer of bad news but you my friend are definitely a couch potato!

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Did you know that the physical affects it leads to is known as “Couch Potato Syndrome”? Name one person who has claimed the art of exercise to be bad for you. Even the individuals who couldn’t care less about staying in shape or have a phobia of excess sweating would begrudgingly agree to its beneficial factors. We all know physical exertion is good for us. Regular physical activity lowers people’s risk of suffering a heart attack, diabetes and high blood pressure. These are a couple of the most common found diseases prevalent in Pakistan. Apart from this, keeping fit helps with weight control, relieves arthritis pain and even reduces symptoms of depression. Yes, even depression can be cured through physical activity as it can be taken as a bodily form of catharsis. It can also cut down on visits to the hospital and doctor’s office, as well as the need for medications. Trust me; extreme couch potato status can be detrimental to your health. If you want to get some insider tips, try these useful weight loss tips.

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There are almost unlimited ways to get in shape these days. A good way for anyone to initiate an exercise regimen is too consult with your doctor first. You may have underlying health issues that may inhibit you from doing certain types of physical activity. Once you get the green light of health from the doctor, start walking, bike riding, hiking, or whatever floats your fitness boat.  You don’t have to overdo it. Gradually increase your activities to a point where you feel comfortable. Getting into shape will definitely make you feel younger and healthier. It is going to take self discipline to start your new exercise regimen. Having a partner to motivate you along the way is paramount in ensuring that you reach your fitness goals.

couch potato kid1 Are you a couch potato?

Exercise can get boring like anything else. Laying on the couch watching TV can become boring as well. A good suggestion is to marry the two activities into a healthy balance. After a good jog through the neighborhood or a brisk walk, come home and vegetate on the couch. There is nothing wrong with being a couch potato as long as the potato gets occasional exercise. In this way, both the couch potato side of you and the energetic side of you is appeased. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Don’t eat too much cake…at least save a piece for me!



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