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Are You Implying Your Children’s Gender on Them?

With the increment in availability of education the mindset of people seems to be changing. The traditional celebrations in families over the birth of a new child seem to be letting go of the preference of boy over girl. The miracle of birth is celebrated equally in most families regardless of the gender of the baby. People seem to be moving forward from the era where one gender was preferred over the other.

Though the mindset of people have changed regarding the birth of a child, there still lingers some traditional left over’s in their subconscious minds. Families make their children follow a set of rule designed differently according to the gender of the baby.

Even in the most modern of families, practices of gender imposition are observed. Following certain ways in parenting which decide for children how to act according to their gender may be happening in our own homes. How you can avoid choosing a role for your child will be told here.

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Many times mothers are seen encouraging their sons to go out and play in the street while their daughters are told to stay inside the house. They are told to take part in conversations or pay attention to things going inside the kitchen. From a very young age deciding their role on our own and not letting them choose for themselves in unfair to the child. A girl should be allowed to play outside just as a boy is, this way you wouldn’t be crushing her confidence.


When it comes to toys girls are brought dolls and doll houses while boys are given action figures and cars. Most of the time the child prefers the opposite toys and feels left out when their sibling gets it. To them their toy seems worthless in front of what they actually wanted. The step you can take to avoid making your child feel left out is to take them to the toy store. Instead of choosing a kitchen set for your girl and action figures for your boy take them to the store and let them choose for themselves. Not only will you be promoting decision making in them, their confidence will boost when they are allowed to play with what they originally wanted.

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The dilemma of pink and blue hovers every family. Painting your little girl’s room pink while the boy gets everything in the colour blue is observed everywhere, even in television commercials. What should be given utmost importance here is telling your child that preferring one colour over the other is not an insult. When your boy chooses something pink don’t depreciate him, a colour doesn’t decide his identity. If the girl chooses black, refrain from making a face and express happiness on your child’s decisions. If you show them you respect them they will learn quicker. If the problem still exists then avoid using the colours that create difference. 

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