Are You Ready For The Next Child?


Children bring joy and beauty in our lives with their innocence and love of life. As author Elizabeth Stone wrote “Making the decision to have a child is momentous, It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” The first-born always brings much excitement and the joy of being parents for the first time. Then the question of whether you should or should not have a second child nags you. Planning  the next child should be undertaken with the following things in mind:

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Your age and that of your partner’s matters a lot. If you are in your late 30′s then the fertility ratio is on a gradual decline. You need to plan and conceive early if you want another child. If the woman is in her early 20′s, most couples with good health are subject to high fertility and there are more chances of having a baby in the late 20′s.


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If you have only one child, their age should be kept in mind. Researchers believe that your previous child should either be less than a year old but not more more than four years of age. The child which is less than 12 months will ease into having a new baby around the house while the toddler will have a sense of independence before the new baby comes along.


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Financial stability is very important when planning for an addition in the family and bringing the next child in the world. The increasing cost of living and sky high rates of almost every utility have resulted in the shrinkage of the size of families considerably. Many women have to quit their work after delivery for around a year. The work situation and job responsibility affects this factor majorly.


Understanding between partners plays a pivotal role in planning the expansion of the family and planning the next child. When properly discussed and sorted out, another baby will seem like a blessing not a burden.

No matter how much you are pressed upon for having a child, it you who has to take the decision. By the time you are ready for your next child, you will gained some perspective and experience from raising your other child(ren). 

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