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Asian Bridal make up


It’s important to create the perfect make-over taking into consideration what enhances your natural features. Asians have to really concentrate on the base and foundation that they are using while applying make-up since a lighter tone just in the quest to look fair can make the skin look very artificial. What’s ironic is that Asians have the habit of complaining about their skin color and people abroad actually crave for the tannish bronzish skin color that we have so instead of cribbing, think of ways as to how you can make your skin color look nice, sexy and appealing.

While dressing up an Asian bride, the outfit, accessories and hair should be evaluated in advance to get the make-up right since it’s the focus of all the guests and has to be immaculate to make the bride look beautiful. Do not find out at the last moment that your hair conflicts with your dress as it just becomes a disaster and creates panic everywhere. Bridal make up looks best when the perfect balance is attained, not too dark which can reduce the femininity of your face and too light can make you look completely washed out.  Majority of the Asian women have almond-shaped eyes therefore enhance the eyes will eyeliner and kohl since eyes are always the major focus. Traditional reds, bronze and gold are the order of the day. With threaded eyebrows and proper blended eye shadow, you are sure to achieve perfection. The shadowy eyes contrasted with the big colors make a world of a difference. Mascara such as brown or black will add volume to the eyes and make the eyes look bigger pictures. Another tip that Asians brides should keep in mind while applying bridal make up is to use waterproof products since Asians brides do a fair amount of weeping on their wedding day.

kohl kajal eyeliner herbal lead free Asian Bridal make up

Moreover, to make the Asian bride’s lips appear larger; apply a nude lip liner and then lots of gloss and color on the lips for a plumpy effect as Asians generally have thin lips. Retaining the same color on the lips and cheekbones ensures that you do not deviate from the same color while executing Asian Bridal make up.

With these tips, Asian women are sure to look beautiful and catch the attention of their secret on-lookers. Don’t be surprised if your husband falls in love with you all over again! 

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