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At-Home Eyebrow Grooming

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The age of perfectly groomed brows is out and all-natural brows are in. Eyebrows are the easiest way to achieve a natural fresh appearance whether you’re headed off to work or a late event. How to achieve a natural brow can be maintained without heading out to a beauty parlor. Personally I dread visiting a beauty parlor for my brows. Ninety seven percent of the time I end up with a new beautician working on my brows, and everyone has their own opinion on brow grooming whether it’s a high arch or matching up both brows identically. So eventually my brows became thinner and thinner with each visit to a beauty parlor. Now I try my best to learn and map out my eyebrows to achieve a very natural look.

4607643679 abb496195d z 300x225 At Home Eyebrow GroomingMisshaped brows, over-threading and over-plucking are main causes of eyebrow thinning which can happen overtime. While some may like to keep it perfectly arched, keeping your brows natural can look youthful and simply shaping them by plucking any excess hair is a good alternative. It’s ideal to touch up your brows every week or 2 weeks depending on how fast your hair growth is.
If you’re like me and have plenty of gaps between each hair- simply filling them in with a brow pencil or powder can create an even and fresh appearance. Giving a bit of time to your brows every time you head out the door can change your appearance and give you a more put-together look by bringing the attention to your eyes and facial features.

When it comes to filling in your brows, you want to use a pencil which matches the color of your hair keeping in mind that not all browns are true to their hue. Some browns have a red tone which can appear unnatural if you use it to fill in your brows. For medium-dark brown haired girls, you want to choose a brown which is dark enough to fill in your gaps. The Rimmel Eye-Brow Pencil in Dark Brown (395Rs) is a perfect shade, its dark enough without looking too overboard.

How to Measure your Brow Shape:

4608252716 5912d2eea5 300x108 At Home Eyebrow GroomingMeasure the start of your brows by using a pencil and lining it up to the beginning of your brows. Starting at the corner of your nose and use the pencil to line it directly up to your brows.  Similarly the ending of your brows measures from the corner of the nose towards the outer corner of your eye. The ending of your brows should not exceed this measure. The arch of your brows can be measured by directly lining the pencil to the center of your eye, however I recommend judging the arch of your brow with a shape which you feel the most comfortable with.

Quick Brow Fix

Perfect Brows 300x300 At Home Eyebrow GroomingIf you are looking for a quick fix for your brows I recommend the Perfect Brows Tool Kit by Luscious Cosmetics (Rs. 975). The all-in-one kit comes with everything you need to groom and shape your brows in a hurry including Mini Tweezers, Brow Wax, Brow Powder, Brow Pencil, Angled Brow Brush and Clear Mascara.

How to Groom your Brows

What You will Need:

  • Lash/Brow Brush Groomer
  • Small Scissors
  • Slanted-Tip Metal Tweezers
  • Brow Pencil


1.  Start by combing your brows with a lash/brow groomer upward to evaluate how long your brow hair is.

2.  Using small scissors (nail scissors works best) trim any hair which is long and uneven.

3.  Comb through the brows and repeat Step 2. Measure the best shape for your eye. Using tweezers gently and remove any excess hair which looks unruly.

4.  Fill in areas with a brow pencil that is sparse to give it definition. You want to start filling in your brows using short strokes starting from the arch. Lightly press the pencil and create small ‘check mark’ flicks against your brows. If your brows are thick and have plenty of hair, filling them in isn’t an option but keep them neat and clean using a clear brow gel. I recommended Essence Lash & Brow Clear Gel (360Rs) for an easy and quick way to keep your brow hair in place.

5.  Continuously check both brows to achieve similar shape to both brows.

6.  Comb through the brows and finish off with a brow gel

7.  Evaluate by stepping back to check both brows are even and you are done!


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