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Ayesha Irfan – Beauty blogging her colorful world!

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Image1 Ayesha Irfan   Beauty blogging her colorful world!

Meet Ayesha Irfan, jewelry design student by day and makeup geek by night. Fun,colorful and quirky, her blog is an extension of her personality. In less than a year, she gained a large following with her artistic photography and creative tutorials. Blush sits down with her for a girly chat!

1. Jewelry designing is an interesting choice for a major. How did you get into it?

Having an inclination towards the arts ever since I can remember, I was really interested in exploring contemporary jewelry design since it’s art, design, sculpture, function and technical skill all combined in one and I am glad I did.

2. What do you think of the beauty blogging scene in Pakistan?

Pakistan has accumulated a large number of beauty bloggers in just 5 years! It is amazing to see so many active, ambitious girls out there doing what they love. All the girls are so talented and I am so proud of the Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community! Love all my girls.

3. Where do you draw inspiration for your posts from?

As an artist by profession, I am almost programmed to be extremely sensitive to everything around me so I find inspiration in everything and anything. For my blog posts, it mostly comes from all things visual around me.

Image3 Ayesha Irfan   Beauty blogging her colorful world!

4. Out of all your posts, which three are you most proud of?

Oh no! That’s a tough one! I am quite critical of my own work so I am not entirely sure but looking back I would have to say I am most proud of my Graphic Winged Liner tutorial. I enjoy creating tutorials a lot and the response I get from girls all over the world is almost unreal to me.

5. What advice would you give to girls who want to start out with beauty blogging?

Organize! Find a niche and identify your strengths to put your best on the table. If you give your best, the rest will be history.

6. Blogging is very public, have you ever had to deal with haters? Any fan stories? 

I welcome constructive criticism any day, anytime! Fortunately I haven’t ever had to deal with haters so far and even if I do, I believe the best thing to do in such a situation would be to just let them rant. Fan stories? No crazy ones as yet but it’s nice to have people walk up to me in university and say wonderful things about my work.

7. You are praised for your amazing artistic photography. How do you go about setting up a shot?

Photography is all about capturing light. Playing around with composition and colors is what I love doing most whenever I photograph.

8. What are your makeup must-haves?

At the moment it has to be the Revlon Grow Luscious mascara!

9. What products do you swear by?

I honestly haven’t delved into the realm of hair & skin care all that much but I always recommend going natural when it comes to hair. Embrace those wild curly locks if you have them or just let your straight hair make a sleek statement. Avoid the chemicals, dyeing, heating! For makeup, less is always more and be sure to remove it all before you’re off to bed for nice skin!

10. Which spring/summer 2013 makeup trend are you most excited to try?

Blue and green eyeliner is a big hit for SS2013 and being a lover of the bold winged liner I won’t hesitate to wear this trend! Also, bright matte lips, but those are a must have for me any day! I am a big fan of statement jewelry so over-sized chokers and chunky necklaces are going to be my best friends this season.

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