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Bad Beauty Habits to Break & Solutions

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bad beauty habit 300x300 Bad Beauty Habits to Break & Solutions

We all want to look younger and youthful for years to come. We spend tons of money on skincare and beauty products to turn back the clock from aging skin, pigmentation and fine lines. By not taking preventative measures to ensure your skin looks glowing and healthy, you might be adding years to your skin by doing any of the following beauty habits.

Using dirty makeup brushes, skipping sunscreen, rubbing your eyes and picking on your chapped lips can be harmful to your skin’s firm texture and appearance. Now it’s time to stop and break away from these beauty habits to help you towards beautiful skin in the long run.

We’ve picked the best and easily available solutions to help kick these habits to the curb!

Skipping Sunscreen

Sun Screen 300x234 Bad Beauty Habits to Break & SolutionsIn Pakistan the scorching sun has been proven to cause premature aging, wrinkles and discoloration on the surface of our skin. Can you imagine how damaging the sun is underneath our skin?

Constant sun exposure can result in significant changes to the skin’s texture and firmness. Facial serums, primers, foundations and BB creams offer multi-purpose benefits with SPF 15+. Not sure how to determine your SPF amount? Think of it this way, the less sun exposure you’re expecting for the day the less the amount of SPF. Normally SPF 15-30 works perfectly fine for working women.

Solution: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sun Block SPF 45 (1,100rs), Essence Pure Skin All in One BB Cream SPF 30+ (700rs), Luscious Whitening Base SPF 35 (1,296rs).

Biting & Licking Lips

If you find your lips to be chapped, Dry Lips 300x180 Bad Beauty Habits to Break & Solutionscracked and dry- chances are you’ve been licking and biting your lips. Constantly licking you lips applies more moisture from your saliva which in turn dries your lips more. Your lips have the thinnest layers of skin which making them vulnerable to chapping and dehydration. Hydrating and moisturizing them requires an emollient lip balm for extended hydration. Another solution is to drink more water to replenish your body.

Solution: Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm (Rs. 320), LaBello Lip Balm (Rs. 250)

Hands off Your Face

If your skin is prone to acne and blemishes, one of the reasons why is due to touching your face often throughout the day. Our hands touch dirt, grime and germs which transfer onto your skin. This includes face touching Bad Beauty Habits to Break & Solutionsapplying makeup on your face without washing your hands. Avoid touching your face especially if you tend to play with your hair since your hair contains more oils. A good tip is to keep a hand sanitizer in your purse or bag, this will kill off any bacteria and germs on your palms.

Solution: Dettol Healthy Touch Instant Hand Sanitiser (100-250rs)

Not Cleaning Makeup Brushes

bad beauty habits makeup brush 537x402 300x224 Bad Beauty Habits to Break & SolutionsThe worst thing you can do to your skin is use dirty makeup brushes. If you wear makeup daily, you need to wash your brushes every week since the oil from your skin transfers back onto your skin and can also contaminate your makeup.

This could be another reason why your skin is breaking out with acne. Cleaning your brushes is another way to help your makeup apply more flawlessly.  The easiest way to deep clean your brushes is by using a mild baby shampoo, simply rinse your brush with the shampoo once a week. Learn how to clean all of your beauty tools with our tips and techniques.

Solution: Johnsons Baby Shampoo, or any bar of soap (180rs)


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