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Balancing work and family life


Most of the women in Pakistan today are focusing on the career track but they sometimes try to find a job that offers flexibility and enables them to keep a balance between work and family. For women, balance means there are always going to be compromises when it comes to work and family.

Comparing with the past, there are more working women in Pakistan today and many of them are raising young children. And it is seen that working women, most of the times, are supermoms too. They are efficient both at work and at home. And one common thing that is being sacrificed by almost all the working moms is SLEEP. Yes, they even sacrifice their sleep to manage their family and work responsibilities. Though, lack of sleep may cause them to be late to work or may leave them depressed or stressed. Especially, in a culture like ours where women are preferred to stay at home especially after marriage and look after their husbands and kids, women have to work so hard to keep a balanced life and be a perfect mom and wife. Thus, Sleep deprivation is women’s effort to fulfill their responsibilities in all aspects of their lives.

Putting the spotlight on their fitness, women’s health suffers especially when their children are young. Managing the dual roles of mother and worker is very challenging. Even when both parents are working, the responsibility of housework, care for sick child usually falls on the mother. These responsibilities may cause various health problems in women; it may be physical or mental. Poor eating and sleeping schedules and stress at work and home may cause insomnia, obesity, Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), depression, hypothyroidism, musculoskeletal issues etc. Therefore, women should invest their time and money on their health as well.

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Being a woman means you have to forfeit a lot of things in your life whether its related to your health, personal relationships, professional work or your personal needs etc. But this does not mean that women shouldn’t be in the workforce, in fact, the employers and our society should support them more. Working women/mothers often tend to be more productive, efficient and organized than men. All they need is greater support and flexibility from their families or spouses.

Last but not the least, seeing a physician every year should be in the priority list, not only for health reasons but also for the overall emotional wellbeing. Taking care of your own self is equally important as fulfilling work and family responsibilities. 

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