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On The Go – Beauty Basics

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We all have experienced that one morning- oversleeping and running out the door to office or school. By the time we take a glance at ourselves in the mirror we panic! Having a few handy makeup basics in your purse can give a fresh appearance that will last all day.

By keeping a small makeup bag it is possible to carry a few essentials without having a handful of items weighing your purse down. Keeping the true essentials can make it easier to achieve a basic look. With just a few items you can quickly apply your makeup on the go or go from day to evening.

Foundation1 On The Go   Beauty BasicsAll in One BB Cream

A quick fix to any imperfections on your skin is a BB cream. Loaded with multiple benefits such as SPF and illuminating properties- it can moisturize your skin while giving a flawless coverage. With an easy fool-proof application, you can wear your skin perfecting BB cream without using a mirror or even a foundation sponge/brush. The smooth and silky texture will apply evenly onto your skin for a natural looking coverage. For an evening look, take a pressed powder for a matte finish. Don’t forget to apply the BB cream under your eyes and around the nose, these areas tend to have more darkness.

Applying mascara On The Go   Beauty BasicsEasy and Defined Eyes

With so many different types of eyeliners, using one on the go and getting a precise line is not difficult to achieve. A felt-tip liquid liner is the easiest way to create a precise line. A firm pen-style applicator will make a big difference in the application process. Using a liquid liner is long-wearing without smudging, unlike a pencil liner that needs to be reapplied throughout the day. Lining your eye close to the lash line is the simplest way to get a defined look.  The best travel friendly mascara should give more volume and curl since eyelashes are better defined with thickness.

Gold Eyeshadow 300x300 On The Go   Beauty BasicsQuick Shadow

Take your eye makeup to the next step, neutral shades of eyeshadow can give a classic look to accentuates your eyes. Using just a single shade that has light reflecting properties can brighten up your eyes. Shades of gold can give the perfect radiance to your skin that will compliment your eye color. For brown eyes pick a neutral tone such as beiges and gold. You can easily apply a powder eyeshadow with your finger, just a swipe over the lids and make sure to blend it out with a clean finger.

Blush cream On The Go   Beauty BasicsCream Blush

Add a pop of color to your look with a cream blush. You can do a variety of things using blush to make your skin more beautiful and make yourself look younger. A cream product can be applied onto your skin without the use of any makeup tools. Cream blushes apply quicker and easier, even blending it out with your fingers is a breeze. Simply take 2 fingers, pick up the product and begin applying on the cheeks and then blend it out.  Make sure to not apply blush on the middle of your cheeks since it can look overdone, simply follow the line of your cheekbones.

Lipsticks On The Go   Beauty BasicsTake Your Pick Lipstick

A pink or rose hued lipstick should be in your purse at all times, keep a shade that you can wear on any occasion. A quick swipe of lipstick can pull together any look in a rush. A dusty rose shade is versatile with any look, go for something daytime with a shade that flatters your skin tone that suits you. Lipsticks come in a variety of finishes from matte to glossy. Go for a matte or semi-matte finish since these are the longest wearing product. 

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