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Once you enter motherhood, there’s just never enough time to pamper yourself when you’re caught up with diaper duty. Chances are manicures, pedicures and little hair styling is out the door. After you’ve settled into motherhood, it’s time to jump back onto the beauty bandwagon and give yourself a fresh new look to begin your life as a new mommy.

Give Yourself a Break

As much as you love spending precious time with your newborn, give yourself a break. As thrilled and full of joy as you might be, exhaustion comes with a price. From dark circles to hair fall, these can be caused by lack of sleep, stress and vitamin deficiency. Talk to your doctor if you find yourself suffering from drastic healthy issues after birth. Take a few minutes out for yourself to help ward off fatigue. Try a relaxing at home bath with candles for a relaxing atmosphere or a visit to the salon for a facial.

Fast and Easy Makeup Routine

As little time you may have for yourself, makeup does not need to take more than 10 minutes. With a few tricks and essential products, you can easily achieve a natural luminous look. Using a few key makeup products can make it easier to create a quick makeup look.

What you will need:

Liquid foundation/ BB Cream
Cream Concealer
Setting Powder

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Multitasking products are the easiest to use and saves plenty of time. A BB cream or liquid foundation is perfect to use everyday. BB Creams are easily available in the market from brands like Maybelline, Rimmel London, Garnier and Essence. These include an SPF of 15, ideal for spending a day out in the sun. BB Creams offer a very light and natural finish to the skin without looking overly made-up. A liquid foundation is ideal to use if you are in a rush. It can easily be applied with your fingers for an even coverage and best of all it will only take a few seconds.

For dark circles or blemishes, a cream concealer works wonders for those tired eyes. For purple or blue tone under-eye circles, opt for a peachy or apricot shade of concealer. The Catrice All Round Concealer Palette will help counteract with the dark blue hue and even out any discoloration. Simply apply it directly where your dark circles are and blend it out with your ring finger. Set all of your makeup with an oil-control powder such as the Luscious Oil Control Velvet Matte Pressed Powder. This will help to lock in the excess moisture of your foundation and concealer and make it last all day.

Add a bit of color on your cheeks with a subtle blush, the Color Studio Pro Blushes can be lightly applied for a hint of color for a daytime look. A peach shade will look perfect for any skin tone to add some warmth.

eyeliner for hazel eyes Beauty For New MomsFor the eyes you want to keep it simple and natural by using one product that will liven up your eyes. A quick coat of mascara can instantly add lift and volume to your eyes. We recommend the Catrice Maximum Resist Volume Mascara.

Lastly, pick up a long wearing lipstick. Generally matte finish lipsticks are more long wearing than a satin or glossy finishes. You can easily apply a hint of lipstick by taking some of the product on your finger and lightly apply it onto your lips.

And that is it! You can easily achieve a glamorous look within few minutes with a few key products. You can always choose to use more products to your preference if you’ve got a bit of time to spare. 

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