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Beauty of Spring in the Summer – Botanical Garden

A Word from the Organizer

“The return is never in the sum of money” said Mr. Ehtesham ul Haq on March 28th about their Flower Show.

University of Karachi organized a Flower Show under the supervision of Dr. Anjum Parveen. The show lasted from 25th March to 28th of the month in the Botanical Garden of the University. Mr. Ehtesham, who worked in the Botany department was caught looking around. When asked what brought him here, “my wife” was his answer.

The show only cost an entrance ticket of ten rupees and was arranged in the form of small stalls. The stalls held their representatives and the numerous flower pots standing tall in their pride of beauty. The whole Botanical Garden was filled with fragrances of flowers from the stalls.

“The reasons we arranged this were education, information and knowledge. Whenever such events are organized, we never consider how much we would profit from it, rather how much others will learn from it” said Mr. Ehtesham about the aim of the Flower Show.

Visitors from Various Age Groups

He was right. Students from not only the university but from other institutes were found enjoying as well. Even children from ages nine to fifteen had their say about the show. “I like it, but they could have arranged it better and make it prettier” said a little girl looking at the flowers in awe.

A few other people had their complains about the arrangements in Botanical Garden. The flowers were organized in a very simple manner and no decorations were made. The pots just rested on the stalls and the ground with no other attractions other than those of the flowers.

What the Seniors Had to Say

Dr. Feroze, a former teacher in the university was found hanging around with her group of older friends. I was surprised to spot the age group but never the less, talked to them.

“Are older people not allowed to have interests?” was her first remark at my surprise. After a few giggles she commented gesturing at her group of friends that no matter the place, their interest in gardening wasn’t going to keep them away from any flower shows in the town.

She had some complains about the arrangements as well. She said the beauty of the flowers would have been more enticing had the plants were arranged in a better way.

All for One, One for All

Students from the university visited on all three days and did their shopping as well. One student was found carrying five flower pots collected in her arms and leaving the botanical garden with glory. A group of young boys was spotted commenting on the flowers. The lads were from the Economics and Physics department.

Flowers And Boys?

“Guys like flowers too you know” said one young man with a slight blush as his friends teased him. One boy in particular, Ali, commented, “shows like these give you information like knowing that tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable.” Two girls from the science faculty bought a small cactus and said that these “poor beings” deserve a home as well.

An Attempt to Save the Dessert Life

There was an individual stall for just the desert plants. The representative informed us that efforts are being made to save desert life now that it’s in danger. Desert plants have their beauty and rarity and people need to acknowledge them as well.

One stall that stood out was of herbal scents that attracted many ladies and parents. The show was for informational purpose only and that’s what it did in the three days that it lasted. 

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